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The Smart Lock Report

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The Smart Lock Report


After decades of slow but steady adoption of traditional home automation systems by hobbyists and high-income consumers, the smart home has finally entered the mainstream. One of the categories of products that will no doubt be reinvented over the coming decade is security and access control. At the heart of residential access control is the lock, a piece of hardware that has existed for thousands of years but yet has room for dramatic improvement through integration of newer technologies like embedded low-power radios, sensors and processing.

The focus of this report is the worldwide residential smart lock market. This report features extensive analysis of all the major lock manufacturers, smart lock start ups, the market landscape, market dynamics and smart lock technology. We have interviewed all of the companies profiled in this report. The report also includes extensive granular forecasts of the market based on our modeling and assumptions based on conversations with numerous companies in this market. 

Who Should Buy This Report:

  • Lock and access control companies
  • Smart home companies
  • Service providers
  • Internet of Things technology companies
  • Semiconductor companies
  • Home systems and and hardware manufacturers
  • Home improvement retailers
  • Wall Street Analysts

What You Will Learn From This Report

  • How we expect the smart lock and overall residential lock market to evolve as the smart home and Internet of Things becomes pervasive
  • The key technologies and smart lock architectures 
  • The dynamics of the smart and connected lock and access control market
  • The key players in the smart and connected lock market
  • The size of the smart lock market
  • Key interfaces for smart locks and how they will shift over time
  • The impact of cloud computing on the residential access control market

One hour of phone or written inquiry comes with the purchase of each report. 

A complimentary copy of this report's executive summary and table of contents can be downloaded here with registration. 

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