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DIY Smart Home Market: Market Analysis, Vendor Profiles & Forecast

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DIY Smart Home Market: Market Analysis, Vendor Profiles & Forecast


While the home automation market has existed since the 70s, it’s only in the last few years that the market has started to reach beyond a small but enthusiastic base to attract the interest of a larger swath of consumers as well as some of the largest technology companies in the world. 

This growing interest in the “smart home” has been in large part due to a confluence of technology related advances over the past decade - smart phone growth, cloud computing, low-cost sensors - the collective result of which have set the stage for a potentially massive expansion of the market over the next decade. 

While much of the recent interest in the smart home in recent years has been in the ‘managed’ smart home segment - which includes offerings from large service providers such as Comcast and AT&T - the biggest growth opportunity long term will be within the DIY segment. The addressable market for of self-installable, self-managed smart home offerings is enormous, particularly as we see traditional home system and consumer tech categories transition to become part of the smart home network. 

This report examines DIY smart home market, including of various smart home technologies, the DIY smart home landscape, profiles of key smart home companies, and forecasts various DIY smart home device categories and smart home consumers.

Who Should Buy This Report:

  • Smart home system and technology companies
  • Home system product manufacturers
  • Service providers
  • Internet of Things technology companies
  • Semiconductor companies
  • Home improvement retailers
  • Wall Street Analysts

What You Will Learn From This Report

  • How the overall smart home market is segmented 
  • How the do-it-yourself smart home segment will evolve
  • The key technologies and smart lock architectures 
  • The dynamics of the DIY smart home market
  • The key players in the DIY smart home platform market
  • The key drivers for growth for the DIY smart home
  • The market size for the overall DIY smart home and key categories for smart home point products

One hour of phone or written inquiry comes with the purchase of each report. 

A complimentary copy of this report's executive summary and table of contents can be downloaded here with registration.

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