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Automatic Content Recognition Market Analysis & Forecast Table of Contents

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Automatic Content Recognition Market Analysis & Forecast Table of Contents


This download includes a complete and granular Table of Contents for the report entitled "Automatic Content Recognition Market Analysis & Forecast".

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Over the past decade, a golden age in TV entertainment technology has created an explosion in TV viewing options for the average consumer.

However, as DVRs, Video on Demand and over-the-top streaming across all screens has made the viewer's life significantly better by allowing them to dictate what, when and where they watch, things have gotten more difficult for content owners and advertisers. This is because over the past decade, live audiences dwindled and overall viewer engagement declined.

But now the TV industry is hoping to fight back and re-engage their audiences. At the center of this effort is a technology called automatic content recognition, or ACR. ACR allows broadcasters, content owners, advertisers and device makers to deliver highly synced and enriched viewing experiences.

This 35 page market analysis examines the evolution of the ACR industry, ACR business models, the ACR market and market dynamics and forecasts total ACR applications and embedded devices through 2017. 

Some companies covered in this report include Audible Magic, Civolution, Cognitive Networks, Gracenote, Samba TV and Shazam. Forecasts in this report include embedded ACR across second and first screen devices, total ACR app downloads and ACR-supported advertising revenue. 


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