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Our Services

NextMarket Insights is a boutique research and advisory firm which provides syndicated research, strategy consulting, and custom editorial services such as webinar/event production, custom research and survey creation/management. Below is a description of NextMarket Insights service capabilities:

Strategy Consulting

Michael Wolf has counseled numerous Fortune 500 technology companies over the past decade, including Cisco, Microsoft, HP, Seagate, Intel and others on market and product strategy. He has also been instrumental in developing product and go-to-market strategy for new information and publishing products for Reed Elsevier and GigaOM. He and his team can advise you on an hourly or project basis depending on your needs.

Webinar/Event Services

Michael Wolf was responsible for the creation of GigaOM's hugely successful Webinar product, creating, managing and producing and moderating nearly all of the webinar events for the first two years of GigaOM Pro across consumer, mobile, cloud and enterprise vertical topics. He has also moderated and helped create many more online and in-person events over the past decade, and is the creator of the popular NextMarket Podcast which has over 100 thousand Soundcloud subscribers. Wolf and the NextMarket Insights team can produce, moderate or create editorial for your online or in-person event.

Custom Research

NextMarket Insights' in-house custom research and survey capabilities are informed by Michael Wolf's long experience running both consumer and enterprise research practices at ABI, In-Stat and GigaOM. Contact us if you are interested in creating a custom research study or survey that will help your firm establish itself as a thought leader in its market. 

To request more information about our consulting and editorial services, please fill out the short form below or drop us a line.