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Understanding Consumer IoT: A Decision Guide For B2C Companies Investing In Internet of Things


The Consumer IoT landscape is at once both confusing and tantalizing. The sheer breadth of opportunities across existing markets for new products and services is overwhelming, resulting in hyperbolic market forecasts and breathless prognostication about disruption and market growth.

Despite widespread agreement about the massive opportunity, most companies delivering products or services for consumers have no idea where to start in IoT. The market currently suffers from an embarrassment of riches when it comes to enabling technologies, protocols, software frameworks and cloud offerings. At the same time, delving into IoT often requires a completely new approach for consumer brands, one that many are not currently structured to face.

This guide is meant to act as an introduction for consumer product and service companies (including consumer electronics brands, security companies, ISP/cable/telcos, insurance companies, auto manufacturers, healthcare and more) into the world of Consumer IoT. It will examine the key technologies in the space and steer readers through the critical decisions that come with bringing a offering to market.

The report structure is simple: A breakdown of the Consumer IoT marketplace, a look at the various technologies and frameworks available to build connected offerings, a window into defining the use-case and lastly, a look at Consumer IoT platform providers.

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