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The NextMarket Report — Zonoff

About Those IControl Acquisition Rumors

Mike Wolf ADT Comcast IControl Vivint Zonoff

This past week Stacey Higginbotham had a good piece about the possible sale of IControl to Comcast and  The rumors of IControl getting acquired or split up have been floating around since early spring, and what I read in the piece echoed much of what I've heard in what appears to be an imminent transaction.  A few more details of what will likely happen: Comcast would buy the Zigbee-related platforms targeted around smart home automation and security for cable providers. This includes the Converge (monitored) and Touchstone (self-installed, self-monitored) platforms that powers security and smart home services sold by cable providers under their own brand....

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Speculating On Zonoff and ADT

Mike Wolf ADT Icontrol Zonoff

Following on to last week's news about ADT's standalone DIY security and home automation appliance, Julie Jacobson had a good piece talking about who would be the backend provider for the system. She speculates that it could be Zonoff, and I think she's probably on to something. The bigger question may ultimately be if whether Zonoff is also going to insert itself as the home automation cloud for ADT's Pulse service, and I think there's also a good chance there might be some truth to that as well. Part of the reason I think this might be true is the...

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