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The NextMarket Report — Zigbee

Harmony Adds More Smart Home Devices, Still Hasn't Shipped Z-Wave/Zigbee Extender

Mike Wolf August Harmony INSTEON Logitech Z-Wave Zigbee

While lots of folks are speculating about voice, motion and wearable control of the smart home, Logitech keeps plugging along with its Harmony remote lineup. Logitech's move into the smart home with its Harmony line was announced almost a year ago, and in January the company announced an API for integration with the device, but since things have been fairly quiet on the smart home front (Mark Spates, who was helping to drive the platform, left for Google in July). To be fair, the company has been periodically updating us on more integration. The company added Ube and Ivee in...

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Security Flaws in Smart Home Technologies Highlighted In Las Vegas

Mike Wolf Bluetooth Wi-Fi Zigbee

Every summer, hackers from around the world get together in Las Vegas at Black Hat to share a seemingly unending number of security holes they've found in networks over the past year. This year was no different, but now it seems that more IoT and smart home security holes were identified, mostly because now, more than ever, IoT and smart home networks are becoming targets for potential hackers. And one of the flaws found should be of particular concern for those deploying Zigbee networks. According to Cognosec, the default Trust Center key used in the home automation profile represents a particularly...

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Smart Home Weekly: Zigbee's Millions, Sesame Smart Lock, Meld's Cooking Knob, Smart Neighborhoods

Mike Wolf Amazon Amazon Echo GreenPeak Meld Sesame Smart Kitchen Smart Kitchen Summit smart lock Thread Zigbee

This is the Smart Home Weekly for the week of April 13th.   It's been a busy week or two in smart home, and that's if we're just talking about Amazon. Not only did they launch their home services efforts, but they put out a Dash Button and then showed us their hand on the Amazon Echo's smart home capabilities.  Looking beyond the online commerce giant, other big stories include the Zigbee/Thread deal, a new smart knob called Meld and smart lock maker Sesame hitting a cool million. NextMarket also had the exclusive on a forthcoming smart neighborhood security system that will...

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Greenpeak: We're Shipping 1 Million Zigbee Chips Per Week

Mike Wolf GreenPeak Thread Zigbee

Follow @michaelwolf Last week I had a chance to talk to Cees Links, the CEO of Greenpeak, for the Smart Home Show.  He had some interesting things to say about the collaboration between Zigbee and Thread, but one thing that really caught my attention was his assessment of his current Zigbee business. According to Cees, the company is currently shipping 1 million Zigbee chips per week. While those aren't Bluetooth chipset volumes, a cool one million chips per week is still pretty impressive. When I asked Cees where these chips were ending up, he indicated that - not surprisingly - about...

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Smart Home Show with GreenPeak CEO: Implications of Zigbee/Thread Agreement

Mike Wolf Thread Zigbee

I'll have a bit more analysis of this podcast conversation later, but for now I just wanted to make the podcast available, as well as the following chart: (for an enlarged version of image above, click here) The chart shows the Zigbee and Thread stacks, and is a good visual representation of how Zigbee 'fills in' the hole for Thread at the application layer with the Zigbee Cluster Library. You can also see how Zigbee can take advantage of Thread's IPV6 IP at the network layer. Again, more to come, but I thought I'd make this chart available (which GreenPeak was...

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