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The NextMarket Report — Xiaomi

Chinese Companies Betting Big on Smart Kitchen

Mike Wolf Alibaba China Midea Smart Kitchen TenCent Xiaomi

It appears China has woken up to the smart kitchen.  Midea, one of the largest makers of rice cookers in the Chinese market (40% market share), is working with Xiaomi to create a Wi-Fi connected rice cooker. The deal, which had Midea selling $55 million worth of shares to Xiaomi, looks to be only the beginning for Midea, who has indicated they're also working on HomeKit and WeChat (TenCent) integrated air conditioners. High-end Chinese appliance maker Robam has developed its own connected appliance line called ROKI, which includes a range hood and gas stove.  The appliances include access to recipes and instructions, adjust...

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Smart Home Weekly: Bluetooth Mesh, Smart Kitchen, Xiaomi, Echo, Pebble, Icontrol

Mike Wolf Bluetooth HomeKit Icontrol Kevo Kwikset Mesh Pebble smart lock smart watch smartwatch SXSW Unikey Xiaomi

It's been one of those weeks in smart home where, while there were no big in-your-face smart home announcements, there were plenty of important developments on if you knew where to look. And that's what we did here for you in the Smart Home Weekly for the week of March 2, 2015. Before we get into it, just a couple things to mention: If you're going to SXSW, make sure to stop by our smart home panel (the only official smart home panel at SXSW) and RSVP for the smart home party I'm throwing after with the folks from the Z-Wave Alliance.  Subscribe...

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Xiaomi Positioning Themselves As Smart Home Platform With Module/Cloud

Mike Wolf HomeKit Nest Xiaomi

We’ve written in the past about Xiaomi’s smart home plans - much of which initially seemed positioned as the tip of the spear for a North American market entry - but this week at Mobile World Congress they announced a new lineup of products, based on Marvell’s IoT chipset and their Kinoma software suite, that appears to show Xiaomi moving into the smart home platform marketplace.  The PR released by Xiaomi talks of a smart home module built around Marvell’s silicon, which leverages the Kinoma software and ties into the Xiaomi cloud. The company has created some of their own devices - including...

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