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The NextMarket Report — Wi-Fi

Roost, the Retrofit Smart Battery For Smoke Alarms, Hits Home Depot

Mike Wolf Battery Roost Wi-Fi

Roost, the retrofit Wi-Fi powered battery that makes dumb smoke alarms smart, just announced retail availability of their Roost smart battery. The battery will be available through brick and mortar retail at Home Depot as well as through and I've written about Roost before, in part because I am a fan of the retrofit smart home movement, where companies enable existing devices to become smart rather than requiring a replacement. This is particularly important for products with large installed bases and long life cycles (like.... smoke alarms), so that consumers don't have to forklift upgrade these products. That'd be wasteful and expensive,...

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Security Flaws in Smart Home Technologies Highlighted In Las Vegas

Mike Wolf Bluetooth Wi-Fi Zigbee

Every summer, hackers from around the world get together in Las Vegas at Black Hat to share a seemingly unending number of security holes they've found in networks over the past year. This year was no different, but now it seems that more IoT and smart home security holes were identified, mostly because now, more than ever, IoT and smart home networks are becoming targets for potential hackers. And one of the flaws found should be of particular concern for those deploying Zigbee networks. According to Cognosec, the default Trust Center key used in the home automation profile represents a particularly...

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Smart Home Weekly: Google & Smart Kitchen, Twitter & Smart Home, Apple Watch Invasion

Mike Wolf Amazon Amazon Echo Apple Watch Belkin Chamberlain GE Google Philips Samsung Smart Bulb Smart Home Weekly Smart Kitchen SmartThings Social Media Twitter WeMo Wi-Fi

This is the Smart Home Weekly, Cinco De Mayo edition.  As always, if you haven't subscribed to get this every week in your inbox, do so here.  The last week or two has been fairly slow for smart home news, unless of course we're talking about the Apple Watch. With the release of Apple's wearable last month, developers for every major smart home device are busy creating an app for a device that could singlehandedly make wearables mainstream. A handful were ready at launch, and this past week SmartThings, a Samsung company, jumped into the fray.  Outside of Apple Watch, the...

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Chamberlain Releases First Fully Integrated Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener

Mike Wolf Chamberlain Garage Door Opener Wi-Fi

Chamberlain jumped on the smart home trend yearly, but up until this point Wi-Fi access was yet to be built into their garage door openers. The addition of smarthphone connectivity was reliant on external dongles that connected the router to the Internet. Not anymore. Last week Chamberlain announced the availability of its Wi-Fi garage door opener. It's an interesting release time, because Chamberlain made much of the focus on this product (which it teased at CES) on HomeKit, and with the likelihood of HomeKit's official release coming in the next month or two, it appeared the company was done waiting...

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Smart Home Weekly: Intel-Lantiq, Dropcam Departures, Lockitron Bolt

Mike Wolf AllSeen Bluetooth Dropcam GE Honeywell Intel Lockitron Nest Smart Home Smart Home Show Smart Home Weekly SmartThings Wi-Fi Z-Wave

This is the Smart Home Weekly for the week ending February 6th, 2015. Overall there's been some interesting news the last week and a half. I'd say the biggest is news of impending new products from Dropcam (and their exec departures). Before we get to that, a few mentions of upcoming events and other cool stuff: We have a date for our Smart Home Panel at SXSW (the only smart home panel at the entire festival). It's Tuesday 3/17, 3:30-4:30 at the JW Marriott room 328.  Hopefully the SXSW folks will update their site and app with the details soon, but...

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