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The NextMarket Report — TVKit

Smart Home Weekly: Google's Bear, TVKit, IPO, China & Smart Kitchen

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These past few weeks have been interesting on a number of fronts, and I don't expect things to slow down anytime soon. A recap: Lots of Google. I/O is tomorrow, and already we've got news of Google's apparent launch of a IoT-centric OS that has looks like transform the home router business, and what appears to be the company's exploration of new and creative approaches to next-gen smart home interfaces. Not to be out-rumored, Apple apparently has a new Apple TV SDK coming out at WWDC, and there's some potential significant implications for the smart home.  Then there's the IPO filing....

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So What About Apple's TVKit & Smart Home?

Mike Wolf Apple HomeKit TVKit

One of the most interesting things about Apple's forthcoming WWDC is the news they'll finally have a third party app development platform for Apple TV. I, along with pretty much everyone else, have been waiting, and the possibility of Apple creating a TV app platform was one of the reason's I forecasted a $14 billion TV app market back in 2013. But one thing about this news that's particularly interesting to me in 2015: What do third party apps combined with a smart-home control point in Apple TV mean? Here are a couple quick thoughts: I think this gives those...

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