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The NextMarket Report — Thread

Does Google Finally Have An Answer To The Echo?

Mike Wolf Amazon Google OnHub Thread

Back when Google announced the OnHub router, some suggested it looks a lot like the Echo. As it turns out, it may do more than just look like Amazon's red-hot connected home device. Last week, Recode wrote that Google is hard at work on a Echo competitor code named Chirp. According to the piece, the Chirp will look like the OnHub, but will also have Google's voice virtual assistant embedded in the product. In other words, the company is creating a voice-interface device for the home to take on Alexa and Echo, finally filling what is a glaring hole in their...

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Here Are The Stories That Defined The Smart Home In 2015

Mike Wolf AI Amazon Apple B8ta Bluetooth Google HomeKit Nest Retail Smart Locks Thread

With 2015 breathing its final breath, I thought I'd take a look back at the defining stories and trends for this past year in smart home with a few hints of what this portends for the coming year.   A Shakeout For DIY "Platforms" With consumers still not entirely convinced they want to buy a DIY smart home kit and install it, DIY smart home platforms struggled to get beyond the early adopter crowd.  The end result were some high profile struggles for companies such as Wink. While some researchers painted with too broad a brush and said this lack of interest...

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Smart Home Network Wars: Thread Launches Certification Program, Bluetooth Announces 2016 Roadmap

Mike Wolf Bluetooth Thread

As we head into 2016, the battle for the IoT and smart home network layer is heating up. Thread just announced their certification program, an important step for any emerging network protocol. The Thread Group, which made the technical specification and documentation available to Thread members in July, has indicated that they have 30 products that are currently submitted under the certification program and that they expect products to reach the market in the second quarter of 2016. On the very same day (coincidence?), the Bluetooth SIG released a statement outlining its 2016 Technology roadmap. The three main focus areas for...

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What Does Alphabet Mean For Google's Smart Home Efforts?

Mike Wolf Alphabet Brillo Google Nest Thread Weave

Like many, I've spent the past 24 hours trying to figure out Google's latest out-of-left-field move, the decision to create a new holding company called Alphabet. If you've been only half-paying attention to tech news, the gist of it is this: Google will form a new holding company called Alphabet, which will be Google's parent company. Alphabet will be the publicly traded stock that will replace Google. Core Google businesses (i.e. the businesses that make most of the money) will remain under Google. This includes search, ads, YouTube, maps, Android.   The other businesses that are more unproven but with...

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Smart Home Weekly: Zigbee's Millions, Sesame Smart Lock, Meld's Cooking Knob, Smart Neighborhoods

Mike Wolf Amazon Amazon Echo GreenPeak Meld Sesame Smart Kitchen Smart Kitchen Summit smart lock Thread Zigbee

This is the Smart Home Weekly for the week of April 13th.   It's been a busy week or two in smart home, and that's if we're just talking about Amazon. Not only did they launch their home services efforts, but they put out a Dash Button and then showed us their hand on the Amazon Echo's smart home capabilities.  Looking beyond the online commerce giant, other big stories include the Zigbee/Thread deal, a new smart knob called Meld and smart lock maker Sesame hitting a cool million. NextMarket also had the exclusive on a forthcoming smart neighborhood security system that will...

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