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The NextMarket Report — Target

What Will Target Do With Its Secretive Project Goldfish?

Mike Wolf b8ta Iot retail Target

Last week, the Minneapolis Star Tribune broke the story of a new Target secret project called Goldfish. The story centered around a job listing for what is essentially a CTO for the project, and the piece also hinted that the project was led by someone named West Stringfellow. Much of the speculation turned on one bullet point from the job listing which said "We are ambitious and bent on disrupting the way people shop".  That is intriguing, as it makes me wonder if they are going to scale some of the lessons learned from their Target Open House, the company's San...

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Some Thoughts On Target and Sears Smart Home Experience Centers

Mike Wolf Alexa Echo Google HomeKit Sears Smart Home Target

Yesterday I moderated a panel on IoT interoperability at the IoT influencers summit called "Solving Interoperability".  Since we only had 25 minutes for our panel we didn't get around to solving IoT interoperability - that would have taken at least an hour - but the panelists and I did discuss a number of interesting topics, including the current level of understanding of consumers around the topic of the smart home. While that wasn't the main focus of the panel, understanding where current consumers are today with regards to how they perceive smart home products is probably the single most important and...

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Traditional Security Leader ADT Disrupting Traditional Security Model With All-In-One Security Appliance

Mike Wolf ADT Canary Icontrol Piper Security Target

I've been on vacation this week, so slow to react to news coming out on smart home, but I had to write a quick analysis of this blockbuster: ADT is working with LG to create an all-in-one security/smart home appliance and will offer a no-contract security service. This is huge. Of course, I've been writing about how the security market is undergoing a slow-motion reinvention, largely because the market penetration for home security has been artificially constricted to only about a quarter of total households because the traditional security business model only works for a fairly limited number of consumers. While...

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Target Rolling Out Dedicated Smart Home Sections Nationwide

Mike Wolf Icontrol Piper Retail Target

Interesting news on the smart home retail front. Target, the second largest discount retail chain in the US, has confirmed it's finally getting into the smart home game. I first learned of the news of the national rollout of the new "connected life" section when Piper's PR team emailed select analysts and press letting us that the Piper would make be a part of Target's new program. CNET confirmed with Target, who said the rollout would cover 1800 stores and each in-store section would cover 8 feet of retail shelf space.  Per the CNET report: "Later this month, Target is launching an 8-foot connected-home statement in...

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Smart Home Weekly: Amazon Echo, iDevices $10M HomeKit Bet, Nest Goes Utility, Target Smart Home

Mike Wolf AllSeen Amazon Crestron Echo iDevices Nest Smart Home Smart Home Show Smart Home Weekly Target

Welcome to this week's smart home weekly for the week ending/beginning November 9, 2014. The last week had a few big surprises, including what may be Amazon's big smart home play in the form of a speaker (yes, a speaker) and a $10 million HomeKit bet by iDevices. But a few housekeeping bullets before we get started: Make sure to catch the archive of our last webinar on building IoT and smart home products Sign up for our 2015 Smart Home outlook webinar on Dec 4th In order to write this newsletter (and do the Smart Home Show podcast weekly roundup),...

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