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The NextMarket Report — Sonos

If Echo Is The iPhone Of Connected Home, Then Sonos Is The Blackberry

Mike Wolf Amazon Echo Sonos

I wrote a piece for Forbes explaining why I thought the Echo/Alexa has had some of the same disrupting impacts on the smart home industry that the iPhone did on the mobile business. I won't repeat them all in full here (go read it), but the gist of my post was this: The Echo, like the iPhone, is creating a new interaction paradigm for technology (voice with the Echo, touch for the iPhone). The Echo is making the incumbents in the market completely rethink their approaches to market. This is in large part due to their disruptive wedge strategy vs. the Apple/Google...

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With Audio Effort, Is Nest Going After Sonos Or Just Reacting To Apple?

Mike Wolf Amazon Apple HomeKit Nest Sonos Voice

Techrunch broke the news that Nest is looking to hire a head of audio, a new position which was described on their website as the following:  Lead the Nest Audio team, including acoustics, audio electronics, audio SW, audio test and validation for all Nest Products Build a world class audio team through hiring and mentoring Develop an audio roadmap for Nest products, including HW and SW, that can support delightful user experiences and innovative features The logical direction for speculation with this tidbit is to think maybe Nest wants to use their Tony Fadell instilled design chops and go after Sonos (a company, I’m sure, Apple has...

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