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The NextMarket Report — Smart Home Hub

New Apple TV Reportedly A 'Fixed' Smart Home Hub Out Of The Box

Mike Wolf Apple Apple TV Smart Home Hub

I've probably been talking about the Apple TV as a smart home hub as long as anyone, and while some reports have shown existing Apple TVs in the field getting HomeKit software upgrades, there's nothing like a new Apple TV with HomeKit compatibility out of the box that shows how serious Apple is about creating a 'fixed' smart home hub with the device.  While many had hoped for new a new Apple TV hardware announcement at the last Apple event, I think a WWDC reveal combined with an official unveiling of HomeKit to the market makes a lot of sense.  Of course,...

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Smart Home Weekly: The (Nearly) All Revolv/Nest Acquisition Edition

Mike Wolf Hub Icontrol Insteon Nest PEQ Revolv Roost Smart Home Hub Vera Wi-Fi Wink

Welcome to the Smart Home Weekly for the week ending 10/26/14. It was a slow week in smart home until Nest pulled a Google and acquired smart home hub maker Revolv. Kinda big news, right?  I'll spend most of this week's newsletter looking at this deal and what it means.   Quickly though, some housekeeping: the winner of the Oort Bluetooth smart home will be announced on Tuesday. I'll write up a blog post. However, if you haven't entered (deadline Monday, better hurry), don't worry - we'll have another cool giveaway starting next week. Also, if you haven't registered yet for Thursday's webinar,...

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