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The NextMarket Report — Siri

The Apple Echo? Apple Trying To Find Its Footing In a Post-Mobile World

Mike Wolf Alexa Amazon Apple Echo Google Home Siri

This week the Information published a report indicating Apple may be working on a competitor to Amazon's Echo.   Seeing the news yesterday morning, I tweeted my thoughts about Apple becoming something of a fast-follower in a post-mobile world, to which IHS analyst Lee Ratliff asked: @michaelwolf Post-mobile era or post-Jobs era? — Lee Ratliff (@LeeRatliff) May 25, 2016 It's a fair question, and since a tweet's 140 characters leave little room for context, let me use the more expansive format of a blog to explain what I mean: While the world of computing is decidedly mobile today, the epicenter of...

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Siri vs. Alexa: Taking Measure Of Apple And Amazon's Living Room Smart Home Strategies

Mike Wolf Alexa Amazon Apple Apple TV Fire TV Siri

  One of the more interesting battles in the smart home is how companies plan to leverage their position in the living room as part of their broader smart home vision. Apple and Amazon both clearly see their footholds here as important ones, with each company, to varying degrees, starting to lay out arguments (from a technology, if not positioning, perspective) for why their TV boxes could conceivably make for very capable smart home hubs. For Apple's part, the new Apple TV has largely been positioned as a TV-first proposition, at least to this point. Perhaps they learned a lesson from Microsoft's...

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Amazon Loves Alexa, Sets Her Free

Mike Wolf AI Alexa Amazon Echo Echo Google Now Siri

They say if you love someone, set them free. And apparently, Amazon really loves Alexa, since yesterday it announced that its voice-powered virtual assistant technology will be unbundled from the Echo. And if this wasn't enough love to shower on the Siri-competitor, Amazon also announced they were sending her off into the world with $100 million dollars of spending money in her pocket.  Both of these are important and interesting, so let's look at each: Alexa Unbundled Alexa is an interesting technology, combining powerful cloud-powered AI and voice recognition with Amazon powered services like Prime. Yesterday they announced they would separate the technology from Echo...

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