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The NextMarket Report — Sesame

Sesame Smart Lock Missing Ship Date, Backers Get Restless

Mike Wolf goji Sesame smart lock

I admit it, one of my favorite nerdy past times is checking in on Kickstarter campaigns to see how things are moving, if deadlines are being met, and if backers are being satiated with updates in the case that deadlines are slipping. While it's not smart home, one of my favorites to watch is Agent Watch. The reason I check in every so often on their campaign is I think its a fascinating and instructive look at how even the most capable campaign creator can sometimes meet significant challenges in delivering product.  Chris Walker, the creator of the campaign and...

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Smart Home Weekly: Zigbee's Millions, Sesame Smart Lock, Meld's Cooking Knob, Smart Neighborhoods

Mike Wolf Amazon Amazon Echo GreenPeak Meld Sesame Smart Kitchen Smart Kitchen Summit smart lock Thread Zigbee

This is the Smart Home Weekly for the week of April 13th.   It's been a busy week or two in smart home, and that's if we're just talking about Amazon. Not only did they launch their home services efforts, but they put out a Dash Button and then showed us their hand on the Amazon Echo's smart home capabilities.  Looking beyond the online commerce giant, other big stories include the Zigbee/Thread deal, a new smart knob called Meld and smart lock maker Sesame hitting a cool million. NextMarket also had the exclusive on a forthcoming smart neighborhood security system that will...

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Sesame Smart Lock Hits $1 Million on Kickstarter

Mike Wolf August Kevo Sesame smart lock

The smart lock category apparently still has some legs. The Sesame smart lock, which launched on Kickstarter on February 25th, has surpassed the $1 million funding threshold on Kickstarter. The lock, created by Candyhouse, has also just passed six thousand backers. While I'm not sure how well the lock will ultimately work, the Kickstarter campaign has been a well oiled machine from the very beginning. From the video (created by video production darling Sandwich Video  - the Sesame video itself features the familiar face of Sandwich video founder Adam Lisagor), to getting lots of tech press, to hitting its target early, the company...

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Sesame Smart Lock Hits Target on Kickstarter

Mike Wolf Kickstarter Sesame smart lock

Well, that didn't take long. Sesame, a new Bluetooth smart lock, hit its funding goal in just a couple days on Kickstarter. The lock looks to have some interesting features, including unique knock recognition and a fairly streamlined installation relative to the other Bluetooth locks, which according to CandyHouse (the company behind the product) is a patented technology that doesn't require any turning of screws.  It's also smaller than others from the looks of it with the exception of possibly the Danalock. The ship dates on the locks are for May to backers, and the prices are pretty attractive starting at $89...

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