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The NextMarket Report — Securifi

Podcast: Talking About The Almond 3 Smart Home Router With Securifi's Ram Malasani

Mike Wolf Podcast Securifi Smart Home

  In this podcast, Mike catches up with Ram Malasani to talk about what the Securifi CEO is seeing in the smart home as well as get an update on the Almond 3 smart home router. You can find out more about Ram and Securifi at Find more Smart Home Shows at Check out our new site on the future of the kitchen at www.thespoon.techf

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With OnHub, Google Just Fast-Tracked the Post Smart Home Hub Era

Mike Wolf Google OnHub Securifi

Another week, another Google bombshell. Yep, today Google announced it had introduced a new Wi-Fi router called OnHub, a Wi-Fi router/smart home hub that they think will make Wi-Fi simpler and easier. There's no doubt this is something that we could all use. In fact, I think nearly a decade and a half after home networks started to become a thing, in large part due to the emergence of Wi-Fi, in home wireless networking still by and large is a crappy experience. Not that the industry hasn't tried. We've seen the emergence of ever-faster speeds: first there was 802.11b, then g,...

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