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The NextMarket Report — Samsung

Samsung Finally Delivers on Promise, Makes TV Smart Home Hub

Mike Wolf Samsung Smart Things

About two years ago, I wrote about how the smart home industry needed to consider alternatives to the smart home hub. The are many reasons for this, including that simple fact consumers resist new device categories and there's no logical reason that smart home functionality couldn't be subsumed into another connected device category.  Back then, one of the key devices that I saw as a logical heir apparent for hub functionality was the TV. Why? Because TVs are centrally located, increasingly connected, and consumers, for the most part, use their TVs pretty much all the time.  At the time, I mentioned that...

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Samsung & SmartThings Announce Turnkey Smart Home/IoT Platform For Manufacturers

Mike Wolf Samsung SmartThings

Yesterday at IoT World, Samsung's President Young Sohn and SmartThings CEO Alex Hawkinson got on stage to talk about Samsung's new Artik chip family and the SmartThings open cloud. We had known that Samsung was launching a new set of chips/modules targeted towards IoT applications, but it was good to see the company shed some more light on its plans for SmartThings as well.  Samsung's made it no secret of its plans to extend the SmartThings platform further by integrating with a variety of home appliances, but it was easy to assume at the time much of this talk was...

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Smart Home Weekly: Google & Smart Kitchen, Twitter & Smart Home, Apple Watch Invasion

Mike Wolf Amazon Amazon Echo Apple Watch Belkin Chamberlain GE Google Philips Samsung Smart Bulb Smart Home Weekly Smart Kitchen SmartThings Social Media Twitter WeMo Wi-Fi

This is the Smart Home Weekly, Cinco De Mayo edition.  As always, if you haven't subscribed to get this every week in your inbox, do so here.  The last week or two has been fairly slow for smart home news, unless of course we're talking about the Apple Watch. With the release of Apple's wearable last month, developers for every major smart home device are busy creating an app for a device that could singlehandedly make wearables mainstream. A handful were ready at launch, and this past week SmartThings, a Samsung company, jumped into the fray.  Outside of Apple Watch, the...

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SmartThings Releases Apple Watch App

Mike Wolf Android Apple Watch Samsung Smart Home SmartThings

Just after the Apple Watch debuted, I wrote about the small handful of smart home products that had already released an app for Apple's new wearable. It was a fairly modest list but one we knew would grow quickly, and this week SmartThings added its name to the list. The SmartThings Apple Watch app was released with in conjunction the SmartThings iOS 1.7.3 update. The Apple Watch app installs by  Watching the video (embedded below), it looks like a solid first attempt. Preconfigured "Hello Home" actions for the SmartThings app can be made visible by simply choosing the ones you...

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Smart Lock Funding Frenzy Continues As Unikey Gets $10 Million Series A

Mike Wolf August Kwikset Samsung Smart Lock Unikey

Follow @michaelwolf Ok, so maybe 'frenzy' is too strong a word, but after August's $38 million series B about two weeks ago, we're seeing some significant validation of the market. I had a chance to talk to Unikey CEO Phil Dumas, and he made it clear the focus of this funding round was on strategic investors rather than traditional VCs: "Although we let some traditional VCs in this round, it was more important for us to bring in strategic investors." Some of the 'strategic investors' that were part of the round include CBRE (a $9 billion commercial real estate company) and Samsung.  Why...

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