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The NextMarket Report — Roost

Roost, the Retrofit Smart Battery For Smoke Alarms, Hits Home Depot

Mike Wolf Battery Roost Wi-Fi

Roost, the retrofit Wi-Fi powered battery that makes dumb smoke alarms smart, just announced retail availability of their Roost smart battery. The battery will be available through brick and mortar retail at Home Depot as well as through and I've written about Roost before, in part because I am a fan of the retrofit smart home movement, where companies enable existing devices to become smart rather than requiring a replacement. This is particularly important for products with large installed bases and long life cycles (like.... smoke alarms), so that consumers don't have to forklift upgrade these products. That'd be wasteful and expensive,...

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Smart Home Weekly: Alexa Set Free, Echo For All, Hoover Goes Wi-Fi

Mike Wolf Alexa Amazon Echo Echo Hoover Roost Smart Kitchen Smart Lighting Startups

Summer may be a time of vacation, swimming and slacking off, but not for those of us in the smart home (at least if Amazon has anything to say).  This past week has seen a flurry of activity, with Amazon unbundling Alexa from Echo, starting a $100 million development fund, Roost becoming available for preorder and Hoover Europe launching its Wi-Fi appliance lineup. You can read about all of these stories below as well as look at some of the interesting startups making news in the space. I also try to bring some sanity back to the smart home space which seems to...

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Roost Announces Pricing, Finalizes Ship Date, Adds Battery Replacement Option

Mike Wolf Roost

Had a call with Roel Peters this week to talk about the recent news this week. Here's what I learned: The Roost Smart battery is available for preorder from Amazon for $34.99 for a single and $64.99 for a two pack The Roost batteries will ship on September 1, 2015 The company has added a new battery replacement option, meaning when the Roost Smart battery runs out of power (they told me the battery has a 5 year battery life), you will be able to order a new battery that can connect into the electronics of existing battery. In other words,...

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Facebook Is Entering The Smart Home (But It’s Coming In Through The Back Door)

Mike Wolf Chamberlain Cloud Facebook IoT Roost

This past week at Facebook’s annual developer conference, F8, the social network giant had a series of product and customer announcements for its Parse platform that show the company has designs on becoming an IoT and smart home powerhouse. So what’s Parse? It’s a company-turned-platform that Facebook acquired in April 2013. Post-acquisition, Facebook first used Parse to fast-track mobile app development by turning it into a platform to provide developers building blocks for such things as notifications. But apparently that was just the beginning. As we learned this week, Parse for IoT will provide a combination of a hardware SDK for an...

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Smart Home Weekly: The (Nearly) All Revolv/Nest Acquisition Edition

Mike Wolf Hub Icontrol Insteon Nest PEQ Revolv Roost Smart Home Hub Vera Wi-Fi Wink

Welcome to the Smart Home Weekly for the week ending 10/26/14. It was a slow week in smart home until Nest pulled a Google and acquired smart home hub maker Revolv. Kinda big news, right?  I'll spend most of this week's newsletter looking at this deal and what it means.   Quickly though, some housekeeping: the winner of the Oort Bluetooth smart home will be announced on Tuesday. I'll write up a blog post. However, if you haven't entered (deadline Monday, better hurry), don't worry - we'll have another cool giveaway starting next week. Also, if you haven't registered yet for Thursday's webinar,...

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