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The NextMarket Report — Revolv

Podcast: A Smart Home Hubtacular

Mike Wolf OnHub Podcast Revolv SmartThings

  Google announced a new home router this week called the OnHub, and it looks an awful lot like a smart home hub. We also discuss the SmartThings v2 Hub and Revolv's end of support. In the second half of the show we talk to Securifi CEO Ram Malasani , maker of the Almond Plus router/smart home hub device to get an update as well as his opinion on the Google news. Find more about Securifi at Check out our event at Find more Smart Home Shows at

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Is It SmartThings Time To Shine?

Mike Wolf Iris Revolv SmartThings

Someone recently commented to me via a survey that I don't mention SmartThings often enough, either in the Smart Home Weekly or on the Smart Home Show.   I think they're probably right. Let me offer an admittedly weak rationalization: I think part of the reason for a lack of SmartThings' mentions is the company hasn't been making much news, either negative or positive. Instead, the company has been puttering more or less quietly along since the Samsung acquisition, blending into the background, with the occasional piece of news about the forthcoming SmartThings 2 hub. But now things might be changing, as the...

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Revolv Support Coming To An End

Mike Wolf Revolv SmartThings

Lots of news on the smart home hub front, but this news perhaps passed under the radar of most: According to Smart Home Show listener Caleb, he got news via the Revolv support team that as of December this year, support for the Revolv hub will be ending. According to his exchange with the Revolv team via email, they've notified him that while the hub should continue working, the company (which got acquired by Google last year) will not be supporting the hub beyond December.  While this isn't huge news, it's just indicative of how Google never really intended to...

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The Revolv/Nest Acquisition Audio Edition

Mike Wolf Bluetooth Nest Oort Revolv

We finally got our podcast version of the weekly wrapup looking at the Revolv acquisition by Nest. I also tell you who the winner of the Oort Bluetooth smart home system is, so make sure to listen.

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Smart Home Weekly: The (Nearly) All Revolv/Nest Acquisition Edition

Mike Wolf Hub Icontrol Insteon Nest PEQ Revolv Roost Smart Home Hub Vera Wi-Fi Wink

Welcome to the Smart Home Weekly for the week ending 10/26/14. It was a slow week in smart home until Nest pulled a Google and acquired smart home hub maker Revolv. Kinda big news, right?  I'll spend most of this week's newsletter looking at this deal and what it means.   Quickly though, some housekeeping: the winner of the Oort Bluetooth smart home will be announced on Tuesday. I'll write up a blog post. However, if you haven't entered (deadline Monday, better hurry), don't worry - we'll have another cool giveaway starting next week. Also, if you haven't registered yet for Thursday's webinar,...

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