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The NextMarket Report — Piper

Traditional Security Leader ADT Disrupting Traditional Security Model With All-In-One Security Appliance

Mike Wolf ADT Canary Icontrol Piper Security Target

I've been on vacation this week, so slow to react to news coming out on smart home, but I had to write a quick analysis of this blockbuster: ADT is working with LG to create an all-in-one security/smart home appliance and will offer a no-contract security service. This is huge. Of course, I've been writing about how the security market is undergoing a slow-motion reinvention, largely because the market penetration for home security has been artificially constricted to only about a quarter of total households because the traditional security business model only works for a fairly limited number of consumers. While...

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Target Rolling Out Dedicated Smart Home Sections Nationwide

Mike Wolf Icontrol Piper Retail Target

Interesting news on the smart home retail front. Target, the second largest discount retail chain in the US, has confirmed it's finally getting into the smart home game. I first learned of the news of the national rollout of the new "connected life" section when Piper's PR team emailed select analysts and press letting us that the Piper would make be a part of Target's new program. CNET confirmed with Target, who said the rollout would cover 1800 stores and each in-store section would cover 8 feet of retail shelf space.  Per the CNET report: "Later this month, Target is launching an 8-foot connected-home statement in...

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Icontrol Launches New Service For Independent Security Dealers

Mike Wolf DIY DIY Security Icontrol Piper Security

This past week at SXSW, I asked my Uber driver about his day job (they all seem to have one).  He told me his main business is as a home security dealer/installer, and he went on to tell me all the systems he installs use as the cloud/interactive services backend.  "Business is good", he said.   Given what I know about's growth, I wasn't all that surprised.  In fact, I figured my Uber driver was one of thousands of independent dealers who seem to be doing a brisk business in home security and interactive services. And I'm not the only one's who's noticed. Icontrol, the...

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