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The NextMarket Report — Pebble

NextMarket Report: Apple's Echo, Platform Fatigue, Eero and Pebble Core

Mike Wolf Alexa Amazon Apple Echo Eero Pebble

There's been lots of interesting smart home news this week, including a report of a new Echo-like device from Apple, a new smart water joint venture from Belkin and, perhaps most surprisingly, a new crowdfunding campaign for a do-anything button from wearable pioneer Pebble.    On the rumor front, The Information had a report about Apple creating a device to put, as my friends at HomeTech.FM would say, "Siri in a Can". If the report is true, I'm glad that Apple finally appears to be doing something new in the connected home, but also have to wonder if the company's falling behind in key areas...

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Smart Home Weekly: Bluetooth Mesh, Smart Kitchen, Xiaomi, Echo, Pebble, Icontrol

Mike Wolf Bluetooth HomeKit Icontrol Kevo Kwikset Mesh Pebble smart lock smart watch smartwatch SXSW Unikey Xiaomi

It's been one of those weeks in smart home where, while there were no big in-your-face smart home announcements, there were plenty of important developments on if you knew where to look. And that's what we did here for you in the Smart Home Weekly for the week of March 2, 2015. Before we get into it, just a couple things to mention: If you're going to SXSW, make sure to stop by our smart home panel (the only official smart home panel at SXSW) and RSVP for the smart home party I'm throwing after with the folks from the Z-Wave Alliance.  Subscribe...

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Pebble’s New Smartwatch Getting Bluetooth Smart Device Control API in 2015

Mike Wolf Pebble smart watch smartwatch

Pebble’s killing it over on Kickstarter with their new Time smart watch, but lost in all the shuffle was the mention way down their Kickstarter page that they will be creating an “Bluetooth Low Energy API" to enable control Bluetooth Low Energy (AKA Bluetooth Smart) enabled devices.   Specifically, here’s what they said: "(Later in 2015) Bluetooth Low Energy API. Use Pebble to control BLE-enabled objects" I’ve been somewhat obsessed with smart watch control in the smart home ever since I created the first panel on that specific topic at CES 2014, but now it seems everyone is jumping on board. Put...

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