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The NextMarket Report — OnHub

Does Google Finally Have An Answer To The Echo?

Mike Wolf Amazon Google OnHub Thread

Back when Google announced the OnHub router, some suggested it looks a lot like the Echo. As it turns out, it may do more than just look like Amazon's red-hot connected home device. Last week, Recode wrote that Google is hard at work on a Echo competitor code named Chirp. According to the piece, the Chirp will look like the OnHub, but will also have Google's voice virtual assistant embedded in the product. In other words, the company is creating a voice-interface device for the home to take on Alexa and Echo, finally filling what is a glaring hole in their...

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Smart Home Weekly: B8ta Test, Z-Wave Ups Security, UPnP+OIC, SmartThings Goes Premium

Mike Wolf Alljoyn B8ta IoT OIC OnHub retail Scout SmartThings UPnP Z-Wave

While most everyone in connected home business being either head's down preparing for CES or slowing down for the holidays (or both), there has been some interesting news coming out in advance of the big show in Vegas.  Maybe the most interesting is the launch of b8ta, a new retail store for IoT. I write about it here and will be publishing a podcast interview with Phillip Straub, cofounder of b8ta, later today. You'll be able to find that here by this evening. There's also been news on the smart home technology front, with OIC absorbing UPnP and Z-Wave upping its security game...

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With Maker Program, Google Makes A Case For The Home Router (And You Can Too)

Mike Wolf Google OnHub

When Google introduced the OnHub earlier this year, it was clear they wanted to reinvent the home router.  Not a bad idea since, after all, the home router has long been a device where usability and design are afterthoughts, and today's modern smart home is desperate for a new approach that goes beyond what most products offer in this forgotten category.  Part of the OnHub story was trying to create a better looking device, one that would be at home in the center of the home and not be relegated to the nest of wires in the basement. And with today's news that Google...

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Is It Time For Google and Nest To Simplify Its Smart Home Messaging?

Mike Wolf Google Nest OnHub Weave

Back before Andy Rubin left Google, he had expressed his annoyance at all the duplicated efforts that the company had around the digital living room and TV. There was Google TV, Android TV, YouTube, early smart home living room effort in @Home, and lots of other skunkworks efforts.  Eventually Google tidied up its TV efforts and clarified its messaging, but the reality is the company has always encouraged creative chaos, letting managers build fiefdoms around internal entrepreneurial efforts to help the company keeps its edge while looking for that next disruptive market opportunity. This approach lets the company retain top talent who otherwise would go elsewhere...

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Podcast: A Smart Home Hubtacular

Mike Wolf OnHub Podcast Revolv SmartThings

  Google announced a new home router this week called the OnHub, and it looks an awful lot like a smart home hub. We also discuss the SmartThings v2 Hub and Revolv's end of support. In the second half of the show we talk to Securifi CEO Ram Malasani , maker of the Almond Plus router/smart home hub device to get an update as well as his opinion on the Google news. Find more about Securifi at Check out our event at Find more Smart Home Shows at

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