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The NextMarket Report — OIC

Smart Home Weekly: B8ta Test, Z-Wave Ups Security, UPnP+OIC, SmartThings Goes Premium

Mike Wolf Alljoyn B8ta IoT OIC OnHub retail Scout SmartThings UPnP Z-Wave

While most everyone in connected home business being either head's down preparing for CES or slowing down for the holidays (or both), there has been some interesting news coming out in advance of the big show in Vegas.  Maybe the most interesting is the launch of b8ta, a new retail store for IoT. I write about it here and will be publishing a podcast interview with Phillip Straub, cofounder of b8ta, later today. You'll be able to find that here by this evening. There's also been news on the smart home technology front, with OIC absorbing UPnP and Z-Wave upping its security game...

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OIC + UPnP: Sign Of Reduced Fragmentation In IoT's Future?

Mike Wolf Alljoyn OIC UPnP

Anyone who was around for the first wave of the connected home in 98-2003 remembers that the arrival of UPnP was a big deal. Much like today there was lots of the noise and interest around the physical layer networks (back then it was HomePNA (phoneline) vs. HomePlug (powerline) vs HomeRF and Wi-Fi (wireless), but the more important part was figuring out how disparate devices on any network could discover each other and join the network. The second wave of the connected home was all about distributed media, and from that we saw the birth of DLNA, which built upon the...

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Smart Home Weekly: HomeKit Rumors, Slow Echo, Harmony API, Lowe's Installation Dreams & More

Mike Wolf AllSeen Almond Canary Echo HomeKit Logitech Lowe's Iris OIC Z-Wave

As January nears its end, it’s time to get back to our regularly scheduled programming. Smart home news is coming fast and furious, and I expect things won’t slow down pretty much all year, so let's buckle up and enjoy the ride. This week’s is an action-packed edition of the smart home weekly, with news on HomeKit, Xiaomi's smart home moves, the Harmony API, Lowe's installation services, standards moves and more. The rumor mill is also pretty active right now, and while some of the stuff I can’t write about because it’s not confirmed, stay tuned as I think we...

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What Will Happen in Smart Home in 2015

Mike Wolf AllSeen Bluetooth HomeKit OIC Security Smart Home Smart Home Weekly Z-Wave Zigbee

It’s mid-January, and CES is in the books, so it’s about time I get my smart home predictions out for the year, right?Actually, while most prognosticators work on the prediction posts in December, I think anyone predicting the upcoming year in consumer tech before CES risks seeing their predictions out of date a week into the year.That’s because many big tech companies (as well as startups) show their hands for the next 12 months at the show. And sometimes, others even make industry-shaking acquisitions in the same week.So that makes me right on time! :)As far as approach, I like Fred...

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The Only CES 2015 Smart Home Report You Will Need

Mike Wolf Bluetooth Bosch CES HomeKit Hub iDevices Nest Nortek OIC Report Smart Lock Wearables WeMo Wink Z-Wave

Ok, so maybe I'm not such a good daily blogger when going to CES. But hey, let me make it up to you with a complimentary 32 page report looking at all the smart home goodness that was at CES 2015. In fact, I'm thinking this will be a good resource for you throughout the year, so download a copy, pass it around, come on back and download it again. I will have a Smart Home Show version of this report as well today, and will get back regularly scheduled weekly updates on the smart home next week.

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