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The NextMarket Report — Nest Protect

Smart Home Weekly: HomeKit, Bosch, ADT's Ad, Nest Protect Fiasco

Mike Wolf ADT Bosch Google HomeKit Nest Nest Protect Smart Home Weekly

This is the smart home weekly for the week of February 22, 2015.  Stories I look at this week include the possibility of HomeKit missing its mark, ADT's attempt to separate the security men from the boys with a new ad campaign, Bosch's continued growth in IoT and smart home, and the rant about Nest Protect from a Google employee. You may notice I'm trying something new with the newsletter. Normally I combine all the week's stories in one post, but that means the newsletter gets pretty long and each story doesn't have its own link. While I am still going to have...

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Google Employee Has Bad Things to Say About Nest Protect

Mike Wolf Google Nest Nest Protect

If you’re Brad Fitzgerald, you're probably pretty confident in your job stability to do what he did last week. Fitzgerald, a Google staff software engineer, posted a video of the Nest Protect alarm and said the product is terribly buggy.  He went on: "“Do NOT buy a Nest smoke alarm. They false alarm and are unhushable pieces of crap… This went off in my house all day, annoying my neighbors. When I got the Android notification that my house was burning down I immediately assumed it was false, since my Nests had already cried wolf before. I also checked video...

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