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The NextMarket Report — Monitronics

What Does Future Hold For

Mike Wolf ADT DIY Security Icontrol Monitronics Security

If you’ve read some of my previous pieces on the home security market, you’d know that I and many others see as a pivotal company in the slow-motion reinvention of the home security market. While DIY products like Piper get much of the press, has driven significant change with over 2 million consumers using the company's security and managed smart home offerings through its various partners.But while is in large part responsible for pioneering a shift away from older non-cloud based central monitoring solutions towards a more modern cloud-based security and smart home market, there are some signs that this...

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Monitronics Acquires Livewatch, A DIY-Install Professionally Monitored Security Provider

Mike Wolf DIY Security Monitronics Security

Monitronics, the country’s second largest home security monitoring service, has acquired Livewatch, a DIY home security company. According to the press release from Ascent Capital, the company bought LiveWatch Security for $67 million, and in return it got 32 thousand accounts and $900 thousand in recurring monthly revenue. That translates to over 74 times RMR. Julie Jacobson has a great post over at CEPro breaking down this news, going into the specifics of why this deal was made. I highly suggest you read it. For the TLDR crowd, much of the why is found in a quote by Ascent’s CEO Bill Fitzgerald: "In an effort...

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The Great Slow Motion Market Disruption in Home Security

Mike Wolf DIY Security Frontpoint Icontrol Monitronics Security Simplisafe

This past week, a little known DIY security company Korner got a funding round, underscoring the growing interest among angels and VCs in a trend I’ve been writing about for over the past year, that of the reinvention of the home security business.But while much of the focus is on these newer “security light” solutions that are based on low-cost DIY smart home hardware, the actual reinvention of the home security market has been happening, in slow motion, for some time.In fact, the traditional model has been under attack for close to a decade from companies like and Icontrol, who power...

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