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The NextMarket Report — Microsoft

Smart Home Weekly: Nest's Next, HomeKit's 180 Million, Windows-AllJoyn

Mike Wolf Alljoyn Canary Dropcam Google HomeKit Microsoft Nest Weave Z-Wave

It's been a busy week at NextMarket as we launched our first event, the Smart Kitchen Summit. We did also manage to get our HomeKit Forecast report, which is part of our new Smart Home Insider service (email us for more info). But that will not keep us from providing necessary context and analysis for the smart home news. This week was an interesting one too, with the first HomeKit products shipping, news of Nest's presser and a few smaller bits and pieces. You can check out our takes below. Like always, if you haven't subscribed to our newsletter and...

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Could AllJoyn-Powered Windows 10 Machines Tip Balance In Smart Home?

Mike Wolf alljoyn allseen Microsoft

Time makes a good point in that the addition of AllJoyn capabilities to Windows 10 could be a big deal. Microsoft has been pretty quiet on the IoT front, but an smart home-AllJoyn powered operating system from Microsoft could provide an interesting counterbalance to HomeKit and Weave. Also, let's not forget Windows typically has had strong UPnP support, and UPnP has recently been pushing the fairly pervasive home networking discovery protocol has been pushing into IoT. I do think Microsoft will likely have some interesting new IoT and smart home initiatives they will spring on us this year, and Windows...

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Microsoft Exits Smart Home Isolation Chamber, Heads To Kitchen

Mike Wolf Microsoft Miele Smart Home Smart Kitchen

It's funny, when I'm working with a client to develop a smart home strategy and we discuss potential partners, Microsoft's name is one that always that comes up. It's not that surprising really, since the company was what I would a "first wave" connected home company. Even before the great connected device revolution of the last five years, the company was instrumental in getting Universal Plug and Play off the ground and had a big whole-home connected entertainment play with Media Center and Media Center Extender, all before they finally got a big hit with a little platform called Xbox. But outside of the Xbox platform,...

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