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The NextMarket Report — Leeo

The Sky Is Not Falling In Smart Home And Here's Why

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Last week I wrote about why I thought the smart home market was in for a shakeout. The piece focused on some of the recent venture-funded startups in the space facing choppy waters and how some early efforts in smart home retail are seeing lackluster demand despite the significant amount of space they've allocated for their "smart home" sections. For those of you who think this is something unique to the smart home space, here's the reality: every new consumer technology market faces market challenges. Like the mobile computing and connected entertainment markets of the last decade or the 3D printing and wearables products of today, markets go...

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Smart Home Weekly: A Week of Reckoning For Hardware Startups

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It's been a tough week in the connected home business, as evidence of a potential shakeout has started to rear its head.  Wink is potentially up for sale, while smart lighting/security company Leeo just had a big round of layoffs. If you don't already know (but I think you do by now), hardware is hard folks. It can eat the best entrepreneurs alive, and in new categories that require market education, it can be doubly treacherous.  I was talking Phil Dumas this week, CEO of Unikey, a company which, perhaps not coincidentally, purposefully avoided becoming a hardware company with its software licensing...

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Leeo Lays Off 30% of Staff

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VentureBeat had a scoop this week about smart night light/security company Leeo laying off a big chunk of employees. The original piece had layoffs at half, but in confirming the layoffs Leeo put the number at 30%.  It's always shocking to see these types of layoffs so soon after a funding round - the company raised $37 million nine months ago - but it probably is a sign of both over-hiring and tepid demand for a company that has had to pull double-duty of both creating end-user awareness for its brand as well as educating potential customers about a fairly new...

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