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The NextMarket Report — Iris

Lowes Launches The Second Generation Of Iris

Mike Wolf Iris Lowes

After months of speculation and the launch of a new website, today Lowes finally launched the second generation Iris with a nationwide rollout and availability of the revamped offering in all of its stores and online as of today.  I talked to the new Iris head. Mick Koster, about the forthcoming launch last week, and you can hear that talk in its entirety on the podcast player embedded below.   Below are the main highlights of Iris 2.0: The new Lowes Iris hub features Z-Wave, Zigbee, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth as far as radio technologies. Bluetooth is new, but not entirely surprising, as the former...

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Is It SmartThings Time To Shine?

Mike Wolf Iris Revolv SmartThings

Someone recently commented to me via a survey that I don't mention SmartThings often enough, either in the Smart Home Weekly or on the Smart Home Show.   I think they're probably right. Let me offer an admittedly weak rationalization: I think part of the reason for a lack of SmartThings' mentions is the company hasn't been making much news, either negative or positive. Instead, the company has been puttering more or less quietly along since the Samsung acquisition, blending into the background, with the occasional piece of news about the forthcoming SmartThings 2 hub. But now things might be changing, as the...

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Smart Home Weekly: The Smart Home Industry Survey

Mike Wolf Amazon Centralite Dash Iris Jilia Lowes survey

We're in the summer doldrums as far as smart home news goes, but a few interesting things did happen this week.  First, we learned (as expected) that a new Apple TV is on its way, to be revealed at an Apple event in September. Second, the Amazon Dash buttons were made available to all Prime members, launching what may be an era of connected commerce that, as I write here, brings the point of sale to the point of consumption for the first time for consumables and the smart home. Also, I share some thoughts on what Lowe's should do...

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Lowe's Rebooting Iris hub: What Else Do They Need To Do?

Mike Wolf Centralite Iris Jilia Lowes

Last week, Julie Jacobson had a nice piece on the the FCC docs they uncovered for the new Iris hub.  As per the piece, there will be Zigbee, Z-Wave and Bluetooth LE.   As I wrote nearly a year ago when then Iris head Kevin Meagher told me about the forthcoming device, I think probably the most interesting addition about Iris 2.0 will be the addition of Bluetooth.  Julie also speculates about which cloud the new Iris hub will use, as it's fairly common knowledge that the company was looking to move away from the AlertMe cloud.  She points to a...

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The Coming Smart Home Shakeout

Mike Wolf HomeKit Insteon Iris Nest Quirky Vera Weave WeMo Wink

  I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I think we're in for a little turbulence in the smart home market. Not because the market isn't growing. It is. It's just not growing in a way that can make every investor, startup and big tech company happy.  This isn't completely unexpected. Markets - especially new consumer technology markets as they are searching for defining use-cases, form factors and hero products - take time to figure themselves out. The smart home industry is trying to figure itself out. In the meantime, some investing in the space are disappointed in their early...

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