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The NextMarket Report — IoT

What Will Target Do With Its Secretive Project Goldfish?

Mike Wolf b8ta Iot retail Target

Last week, the Minneapolis Star Tribune broke the story of a new Target secret project called Goldfish. The story centered around a job listing for what is essentially a CTO for the project, and the piece also hinted that the project was led by someone named West Stringfellow. Much of the speculation turned on one bullet point from the job listing which said "We are ambitious and bent on disrupting the way people shop".  That is intriguing, as it makes me wonder if they are going to scale some of the lessons learned from their Target Open House, the company's San...

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Smart Home Weekly: B8ta Test, Z-Wave Ups Security, UPnP+OIC, SmartThings Goes Premium

Mike Wolf Alljoyn B8ta IoT OIC OnHub retail Scout SmartThings UPnP Z-Wave

While most everyone in connected home business being either head's down preparing for CES or slowing down for the holidays (or both), there has been some interesting news coming out in advance of the big show in Vegas.  Maybe the most interesting is the launch of b8ta, a new retail store for IoT. I write about it here and will be publishing a podcast interview with Phillip Straub, cofounder of b8ta, later today. You'll be able to find that here by this evening. There's also been news on the smart home technology front, with OIC absorbing UPnP and Z-Wave upping its security game...

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Here's B8ta, The IoT 'Super Store' We May Have Been Waiting For

Mike Wolf IoT retail

Back in 2014, I posed the question of whether the world needed an IoT super store. You know the kind, one where you could go in the heyday of the personal computer revolution for mice, graphics boards and speakers, only this more modern computing store's shelves would be lined with smart bulbs, connected locks and other consumer-centric IoT devices. As it turns out, someone thinks maybe we do. b8ta, launched by four Nest alum, is launching tomorrow and is basically just that: a store exclusively for IoT devices. Of course, any forward leaning retail concept in 2015 is going to be less OfficeMax and more Apple...

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Is Google Heading Into The Smart Kitchen?

Mike Wolf Google IoT Nest smart kitchen

As many readers know,  the smart kitchen has intrigued me for some time, so I was a little surprised to see this piece from Times of India this weekend.  According to the Times, Google is developing an IoT platform focused specifically on white goods and the connected kitchen. While the piece is fairly scant on details (particularly who its source was for this news), such a move by Google is an intriguing one to consider. Per the report: "The platform will initially focus on connected kitchens, hooking up things like refrigerators, washing machines and toasters to talk to your phone and...

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How Twitter Could Become A Social IFTTT For IoT

Mike Wolf Facebook IoT Smart Home social media Twitter

This week I've been thinking about why social media companies care so much about IoT and smart home and, the more I thought about it, the more obvious the connection became to me. As I wrote in Forbes, social media companies want to play in IoT to stay relevant, become the alert and control system for both us AND our things, and to add contextual relevance to their services, which will in turn make them more magical for consumers and create better insights to feed their large and growing data businesses. I pointed to Facebook, TenCent/WeChat and Life360 as examples...

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