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The NextMarket Report — Insteon

Harmony Adds More Smart Home Devices, Still Hasn't Shipped Z-Wave/Zigbee Extender

Mike Wolf August Harmony INSTEON Logitech Z-Wave Zigbee

While lots of folks are speculating about voice, motion and wearable control of the smart home, Logitech keeps plugging along with its Harmony remote lineup. Logitech's move into the smart home with its Harmony line was announced almost a year ago, and in January the company announced an API for integration with the device, but since things have been fairly quiet on the smart home front (Mark Spates, who was helping to drive the platform, left for Google in July). To be fair, the company has been periodically updating us on more integration. The company added Ube and Ivee in...

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The Coming Smart Home Shakeout

Mike Wolf HomeKit Insteon Iris Nest Quirky Vera Weave WeMo Wink

  I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I think we're in for a little turbulence in the smart home market. Not because the market isn't growing. It is. It's just not growing in a way that can make every investor, startup and big tech company happy.  This isn't completely unexpected. Markets - especially new consumer technology markets as they are searching for defining use-cases, form factors and hero products - take time to figure themselves out. The smart home industry is trying to figure itself out. In the meantime, some investing in the space are disappointed in their early...

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The HomeKit Era Officially Started This Week: First Products, Apple Support Guide, Forecast

Mike Wolf Apple TV HomeKit Insteon Lutron

While we've all be waiting for WWDC next week to see a formal "launch" of the HomeKit era, in reality it started this week. That's because the first products with HomeKit were formally announced as being available, at least as far as Apple is officially concerned.  Most look like they're shipping in July, with the exception of Lutron and HomeKit. The products are from five manufacturers, including: Ecobee: The Ecobee3 thermostat was the first thermostat with HomeKit, beating Honeywell and the Lyric, which is also expected to HomeKit-ize the Lyric. The Ecobee3 with HomeKit is essentially a new product, since existing...

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Smart Home Weekly: Home Depot, Samsung, Cisco, Deutsche Telekom, Nest/IControl

Mike Wolf Belkin Blossom Bosch Cisco GoControl Home Depot Icontrol Insteon Misfit Nest Nortek Samsung Smart Home Smart Home Show Smart Home Weekly Wearables WeMo

It's the Smart Home Weekly for the week ending/beginning December 14, 2015. It's been a couple weeks since the last Smart Home Weekly so we've got lots of ground to cover, but the sad news for you smart home addicts is the news flow is beginning to slow, always the case in the run up to CES. Bottom line, companies want to keep their powder dry as they head to Vegas in January. Industry watchers also start to wind down and move into "best of" list making mode before they take off for the holidays. I'll have a few end of year posts/podcasts...

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Smart Home Weekly: The (Nearly) All Revolv/Nest Acquisition Edition

Mike Wolf Hub Icontrol Insteon Nest PEQ Revolv Roost Smart Home Hub Vera Wi-Fi Wink

Welcome to the Smart Home Weekly for the week ending 10/26/14. It was a slow week in smart home until Nest pulled a Google and acquired smart home hub maker Revolv. Kinda big news, right?  I'll spend most of this week's newsletter looking at this deal and what it means.   Quickly though, some housekeeping: the winner of the Oort Bluetooth smart home will be announced on Tuesday. I'll write up a blog post. However, if you haven't entered (deadline Monday, better hurry), don't worry - we'll have another cool giveaway starting next week. Also, if you haven't registered yet for Thursday's webinar,...

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