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What's the Long Term Impact of the Wink Hub Recall?

Mike Wolf Hub Nest Quirky Smart Home Wink

Recalls are never good news. They're costly in both time and money and can bring even the most resource-rich of companies to their knees. While there aren't a lot of case studies for smart home recalls, we can say that with a fair degree of certainty the Nest Protect smoke alarm recall last year knocked a previously untarnished Nest back on its heels a bit and seems to have maybe contributed to a slowed pace of innovation for Google/Nest (they've yet to introduce any new products almost a year and a half after the acquisition was announced).  So when I saw the news of...

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The Only CES 2015 Smart Home Report You Will Need

Mike Wolf Bluetooth Bosch CES HomeKit Hub iDevices Nest Nortek OIC Report Smart Lock Wearables WeMo Wink Z-Wave

Ok, so maybe I'm not such a good daily blogger when going to CES. But hey, let me make it up to you with a complimentary 32 page report looking at all the smart home goodness that was at CES 2015. In fact, I'm thinking this will be a good resource for you throughout the year, so download a copy, pass it around, come on back and download it again. I will have a Smart Home Show version of this report as well today, and will get back regularly scheduled weekly updates on the smart home next week.

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Smart Home Weekly: The (Nearly) All Revolv/Nest Acquisition Edition

Mike Wolf Hub Icontrol Insteon Nest PEQ Revolv Roost Smart Home Hub Vera Wi-Fi Wink

Welcome to the Smart Home Weekly for the week ending 10/26/14. It was a slow week in smart home until Nest pulled a Google and acquired smart home hub maker Revolv. Kinda big news, right?  I'll spend most of this week's newsletter looking at this deal and what it means.   Quickly though, some housekeeping: the winner of the Oort Bluetooth smart home will be announced on Tuesday. I'll write up a blog post. However, if you haven't entered (deadline Monday, better hurry), don't worry - we'll have another cool giveaway starting next week. Also, if you haven't registered yet for Thursday's webinar,...

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