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The NextMarket Report — Goji

Sesame Smart Lock Missing Ship Date, Backers Get Restless

Mike Wolf goji Sesame smart lock

I admit it, one of my favorite nerdy past times is checking in on Kickstarter campaigns to see how things are moving, if deadlines are being met, and if backers are being satiated with updates in the case that deadlines are slipping. While it's not smart home, one of my favorites to watch is Agent Watch. The reason I check in every so often on their campaign is I think its a fascinating and instructive look at how even the most capable campaign creator can sometimes meet significant challenges in delivering product.  Chris Walker, the creator of the campaign and...

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Smart Home Weekly: Verizon Adds Z-Wave, Goji Delays, Smart Vents, SmartThings-Windows

Mike Wolf Goji Keen smart locks smart vents SmartThings Verizon

Welcome to the smart home weekly for the week ending/beginning November 1, 2014. Last week was a bit slow for smart home, but this week's started in interesting fashion with Verizon's fairly quiet entry back into consumer IoT/smart home. Before we get into the details, make sure to check out the archive of NextMarket's webinar from last week, featuring Kevin Meagher, GM of Lowe's smart home and Mike Harris, CEO of Zonoff.  Also, we're having another giveaway of smart home gear (an August smartlock!). You can enter by reviewing the Smart Home Show in iTunes or (new!) simply signing up...

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