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The NextMarket Report — Facebook

How Twitter Could Become A Social IFTTT For IoT

Mike Wolf Facebook IoT Smart Home social media Twitter

This week I've been thinking about why social media companies care so much about IoT and smart home and, the more I thought about it, the more obvious the connection became to me. As I wrote in Forbes, social media companies want to play in IoT to stay relevant, become the alert and control system for both us AND our things, and to add contextual relevance to their services, which will in turn make them more magical for consumers and create better insights to feed their large and growing data businesses. I pointed to Facebook, TenCent/WeChat and Life360 as examples...

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Why Social Media Companies Want Into The Smart Home

Mike Wolf Facebook Life360 Smart Home Twitter

I wrote a piece for Forbes on the efforts of the big social media players to get into IoT. While their efforts extend beyond just smart home, much of the early implementations have been in smart home and smart living spaces.  A few excerpts from the piece:  WeChat: WeChat, a massively popular mobile social messaging app, first signaled its intentions to monitor and manage the things in our lives with an API for smart hardware. The API allows hardware makers to write applications for their devices that work on top of WeChat, and the resulting data from these devices can...

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Smart Home Weekly, April 1 2015: Facebook Smart Home, Icontrol One, August's Big Round

Mike Wolf August Facebook Icontrol Security Verizon

This is the smart home weekly, April 1st edition. The biggest news in smart home over the past week came from a place most didn't expect: your social network. Facebook entered the market via its Parse platform, but unlike Google or Amazon, the company isn’t creating a consumer-facing product (at least not yet).  The other big piece of news was the formal unveiling of Icontrol One, Icontrol’s effort to create a security and smart home service platform for independent security dealers.As always, I encourage you to check out the latest episodes of the Smart Home Show, where I talk to...

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Facebook Is Entering The Smart Home (But It’s Coming In Through The Back Door)

Mike Wolf Chamberlain Cloud Facebook IoT Roost

This past week at Facebook’s annual developer conference, F8, the social network giant had a series of product and customer announcements for its Parse platform that show the company has designs on becoming an IoT and smart home powerhouse. So what’s Parse? It’s a company-turned-platform that Facebook acquired in April 2013. Post-acquisition, Facebook first used Parse to fast-track mobile app development by turning it into a platform to provide developers building blocks for such things as notifications. But apparently that was just the beginning. As we learned this week, Parse for IoT will provide a combination of a hardware SDK for an...

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