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Introducing The Smart Kitchen Summit

Mike Wolf Announcement Events Smart Kitchen Smart Kitchen Summit

I'm super excited to announce a new event called the Smart Kitchen Summit. As the official news release over at the event's website states, the Smart Kitchen Summit "is the first and only event of its kind to tackle the technology and design convergence that's changing how we eat, buy, store and interact with our food." I had been thinking of creating an event about the future of the connected kitchen for some time, but we finally decided to get serious about it at the time of SXSW in March. I started asking around and talking with some leaders in the appliance, smart home,...

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Smart Kitchen Summit

Mike Wolf Events IoT Smart Home Smart Kitchen

Hey folks, I'm putting together a one day event in Seattle around the smart kitchen.  I've just started to put together a rough outline of what an event would look like, but here's the gist: Basically a small, one day event with speakers from appliance side, app makers, culinary and food experts etc. The focus would be how technology - particularly IoT and smart home - would change the kitchen and how we interact with food.  Basically it would be an executive event, not too huge, that would bring together folks from all parts of the food and technology ecosystem....

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