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The NextMarket Report — Ecobee

Smart Home Weekly: Apple/Nest, Who'll Buy Wink, Target/Sears Redefining Smart Home Retail

Mike Wolf Apple Ecobee HomeKit Nest Quirky Wink

While I had hoped things would be quiet in the smart home space while on vacation, I wasn't so fortunate. But hey, if you can't take a little time off in July, when can you? I'm back and this week I take a look at Apple's removal of Nest from its stores, speculate on who will buy Wink, pause to appreciate HomeKit's long game focus on security as well as take a look at Target and Sears efforts to redefine smart home retail. And because there were too many stories to write about fully from the past few weeks, I'll link...

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Apple Pulls Nest: What Should We Think?

Mike Wolf Apple Ecobee Nest

Lots of people making a big deal today about Apple pulling the Nest thermostat from store shelves. In typical blogosphere fashion, the removal of the thermostat from store shelves and online is being positioned as "shots fired" and maybe more than it really is. What we do know is that the Nest thermostat, Protect smoke alarm and the Dropcam are nowhere to be found online or in the stores. This has caused all sorts of speculation, but the first piece on this removal of these devices now has a quote from Nest saying that Apple will stock its "new products"...

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