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Smart Home Weekly: Amazon Expands Echo-Sphere, Mozilla's Smart Home, Brita's Dashing Pitcher

Mike Wolf Alexa Amazon Dash DIY Security Dot Echo Korner Security Tap

It seems like every week we have more Amazon news to parse and digest, and this week is no different. In fact, as I was thinking about today's newsletter, I'd intended to lead with the news of Brita's new Dash-powered water pitcher, maybe spice it up with a little update on the Dash extended ecosystem. But apparently that's not enough for you, is it Amazon? Nooo. The Brita news is small potatoes compared to the bombshell that Amazon dropped today about two new devices it is launching into the Echo-sphere. I have a full writeup on the news, but the short-short is that Amazon intro'd the Dot,...

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New Dot And Tap Alexa Devices Show Amazon's Growing Smart Home Ambitions

Mike Wolf Alexa Amazon Dot Echo Tap

If you go over to Amazon's job site and do a search for Echo, there are currently 598 positions listed. There's another 272 for Alexa. That's a whole lotta jobs, and last week when news came out about Amazon's job fair and this massive recruiting effort for Amazon's smart home and IoT initiatives, it got me thinking about what exactly Amazon had in mind for all of these new recruits. One area could simply be to grow the universe of third party devices that work with Echo. The Echo team is busy adding new devices to their roster of interoperable products as...

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