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The NextMarket Report — DIY Security

Smart Home Weekly: Amazon Expands Echo-Sphere, Mozilla's Smart Home, Brita's Dashing Pitcher

Mike Wolf Alexa Amazon Dash DIY Security Dot Echo Korner Security Tap

It seems like every week we have more Amazon news to parse and digest, and this week is no different. In fact, as I was thinking about today's newsletter, I'd intended to lead with the news of Brita's new Dash-powered water pitcher, maybe spice it up with a little update on the Dash extended ecosystem. But apparently that's not enough for you, is it Amazon? Nooo. The Brita news is small potatoes compared to the bombshell that Amazon dropped today about two new devices it is launching into the Echo-sphere. I have a full writeup on the news, but the short-short is that Amazon intro'd the Dot,...

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DIY Security Validation: Korner Scares Burglar, Makes News

Mike Wolf DIY Security Korner Security

Being a startup in the smart home industry can be tough. Not only is there lots of competition, but usually you have to spend lots of time and money educating the consumer about what your product does.Smart home gear tailored towards home security has it a little easier, since most consumers understand that security keeps bad guys away. But when your product is a sub-$100 device with no 24/7 monitoring like the big boys, you then have to spend much of your time creating a compelling message that your low-cost gear can do the job.This was the challenge faced by...

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Podcast: HAB You Been IFTTT'd?

Mike Wolf DIY Security OpenHAB Podcast Scout Alarm

  It's vacation season at NextMarket, so posting might be a little like this week and next, but in the meantime here's the most recent podcast. This week's show is a two parter:First we talk the week's news with Dan Roberts, cofounder of Scout Alarm. We also talk to Dan about being one of the early Alexa program partners (Amazon announced an investment in Scout last week through the Alexa fund).In the second half we talk to Kai Kreuzer about open source smart home system openHAB and the news that they've just launched an openHAB channel on IFTTT.You can find out...

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What Does Future Hold For

Mike Wolf ADT DIY Security Icontrol Monitronics Security

If you’ve read some of my previous pieces on the home security market, you’d know that I and many others see as a pivotal company in the slow-motion reinvention of the home security market. While DIY products like Piper get much of the press, has driven significant change with over 2 million consumers using the company's security and managed smart home offerings through its various partners.But while is in large part responsible for pioneering a shift away from older non-cloud based central monitoring solutions towards a more modern cloud-based security and smart home market, there are some signs that this...

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Icontrol Launches New Service For Independent Security Dealers

Mike Wolf DIY DIY Security Icontrol Piper Security

This past week at SXSW, I asked my Uber driver about his day job (they all seem to have one).  He told me his main business is as a home security dealer/installer, and he went on to tell me all the systems he installs use as the cloud/interactive services backend.  "Business is good", he said.   Given what I know about's growth, I wasn't all that surprised.  In fact, I figured my Uber driver was one of thousands of independent dealers who seem to be doing a brisk business in home security and interactive services. And I'm not the only one's who's noticed. Icontrol, the...

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