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The NextMarket Report — Conscious Home

Smart Home Weekly: Google's Smart Home Vision, New Apple TV, Slow Motion Security Revolution

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This past week I was in Austin moderating a smart home panel for SXSW. I also hosted a party and had a great time meeting readers of the Smart Home Weekly and listeners of the Smart Home Show. It was a pretty awesome experience The panel itself was on the topic on the smart conscious home, and while overall it was a good conversation, I wish I'd had a chance to dig into Google's new patent filing around a "security scoring system" before the panel. This is because while the security aspects of the patent are intriguing, the sheer amount...

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Expansive Google Patent Extensively Details Possible Vision Of Future Smart Home

Mike Wolf Conscious Home Google Nest Patent

Venturebeat scooped an interesting patent application from Google a couple weeks ago, which at first glance appears to focus on a "security scoring system" for the smart home. That's all well and good, but what's most fascinating about this patent is what it may tell us about Google's aspirations for the smart home. Now, let it be said that patents are often purposefully expansive so a company can then claim future commercial concepts implemented by others infringe on their intellectual property. So with that grain of salt in mind, I think it's worth looking at some of the concepts in this document that...

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