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The NextMarket Report — Brillo

Android TV Head: We Like Service Provider Managed Smart Homes!

Mike Wolf Android Brillo Google Weave

Saw a piece this morning quoting the head of Android TV saying he thought TV providers were best positioned to deliver smart home to consumers.  Per the piece: Pruter said the pay TV operators were best placed to expand their services beyond TV to “taking control of the house” because they have the customer relationship and can provide customers with a single number to call. “I think branding of pay TV operators will go towards a household brand rather than just a video brand,” he said. This is interesting for a few reasons.  First, this is yet another view on...

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Is New Nest Thermostat On Its Way?

Mike Wolf Brillo Google Nest OnHub

Dave Zatz had a nice find over at the FCC today, uncovering what looks to be possibly a third generation Nest learning thermostat. The device looks like it will have 5 GHz Wi-Fi, which is interesting in and of itself. Adding 5 GHz could signal they have intentions do something interesting with Wi-Fi operating in this higher band, but the more likely answer in my opinion is they're simply using the latest Wi-Fi chipsets using 802.11ac, the latest Wi-Fi spec which operates exclusively in the 5 GHz band. Of course, all Wi-Fi chipsets nowadays are backwards compatible with the older specifications,...

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Why The OnHub Is Google's Nexus One For Routers (And Why It's All About Brillo)

Mike Wolf Brillo Google OnHub

I've had an interesting Twitter conversation with Dave Zatz, a super-smart home tech blogger, about the OnHub. Dave pointed out that as a router, the OnHub might misfire for many because it's missing Ethernet ports and is pretty high priced for a router.  He's right in saying that the OnHub is not perfect, and those two complaints are good ones to put near the top of the list. Without Ethernet, the OnHub can't connect to the many devices that need Ethernet (like Sonos bridges or, in my case, HomePlug to Ethernet adapters).  And he also is right about the price at $200, which is pretty...

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What Does Alphabet Mean For Google's Smart Home Efforts?

Mike Wolf Alphabet Brillo Google Nest Thread Weave

Like many, I've spent the past 24 hours trying to figure out Google's latest out-of-left-field move, the decision to create a new holding company called Alphabet. If you've been only half-paying attention to tech news, the gist of it is this: Google will form a new holding company called Alphabet, which will be Google's parent company. Alphabet will be the publicly traded stock that will replace Google. Core Google businesses (i.e. the businesses that make most of the money) will remain under Google. This includes search, ads, YouTube, maps, Android.   The other businesses that are more unproven but with...

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Let's Talk Google Brillo and Weave, Shall We? (Podcast)

Mike Wolf August Brillo HomeKit Weave

I sat down with Jason Johson, CEO of August, to talk about this past week in smart home. Have a listen!     Subscribe to the Smart Home Show in iTunes or RSS.

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