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The NextMarket Report — Bluetooth mesh

CSR's Bluetooth Mesh Home Automation Moves Beyond Lighting

Mike Wolf Bluetooth Mesh

Bluetooth mesh is about to move beyond lighting.  If you haven't noticed, the vast majority of Bluetooth mesh smart home products so far center around lighting. Avi-On, which makes a mesh lighting platform for GE home products group Jasco, it a good example. That's no coincidence. The common factor between these products is the silicon: CSR's CSRmesh technology is the foundation the early Bluetooth mesh implementations in the market today (including Avi-On/Jasco's).  And now the company is moving beyond lighting by introducing sensors and actuators into the protocol.  While technically this move has been expected for some time - the company announced CSRmesh Home Automation in...

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Seed Labs Launches Bluetooth Smart Home Platform for Manufacturers

Mike Wolf Bluetooth Bluetooth Mesh Seed Labs

In another sure sign the Bluetooth smart home is gaining traction, another manufacturer/dev-targeted platform centered on Bluetooth mesh has launched. Last week at Bluetooth World Seed Labs announced the Silvair platform, which is a combination of embeddable modules, software and a control device called the Silvair Control. With this launch, Seed joins others like Avi-On, who has also built a Bluetooth-centric smart home platform for OEMs. You can see the Silvair Control in action in the video below, but I am assuming (it's not immediately clear on the company's site and I've yet to talk to them) the Silvair Control is white-labelable,...

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GE Launching Series of Bluetooth Smart Home Products

Mike Wolf Bluetooth Bluetooth mesh GE Z-Wave

If you needed any further evidence that Bluetooth is picking up steam in the smart home, look no further than GE.   The company, which has for years been shipping a number of popular Z-Wave based wall switches and lighting control/appliance modules under a partnership with Jasco, is now bringing Bluetooth versions to market. The technology was developed by Avi-On, a Bluetooth smart home networking startup, and while the company had previously released news that they were working on developing these products for GE, this is the first time that this much detail - such as device internal photos and user guides...

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