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The NextMarket Report — Blossom

Smart Home Weekly: Home Depot, Samsung, Cisco, Deutsche Telekom, Nest/IControl

Mike Wolf Belkin Blossom Bosch Cisco GoControl Home Depot Icontrol Insteon Misfit Nest Nortek Samsung Smart Home Smart Home Show Smart Home Weekly Wearables WeMo

It's the Smart Home Weekly for the week ending/beginning December 14, 2015. It's been a couple weeks since the last Smart Home Weekly so we've got lots of ground to cover, but the sad news for you smart home addicts is the news flow is beginning to slow, always the case in the run up to CES. Bottom line, companies want to keep their powder dry as they head to Vegas in January. Industry watchers also start to wind down and move into "best of" list making mode before they take off for the holidays. I'll have a few end of year posts/podcasts...

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Smart Home Weekly: HomePlug Comeback, Blossom, Smart Water, LittleBits, Zigbee 3.0

Mike Wolf Blossom HomePlug LittleBits Smart Home Smart Home Weekly smart kitchen Smart Water Zigbee

This is the smart home weekly for the week ending/beginning November 23, 2014. You can subscribe to this update via email here or RSS here. We missed last week, so there's a quite a bit to make up, so we'll be short and sweet but get you the key insight for each development. Before we start, a couple notes: Remember to sign up for our 2015 smart home outlook webinar Listen to the smart home show for audio versions of these writeups Check out our newest report on the smart kitchen Onto the analysis. The TrendWatch Before I look at the...

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