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The NextMarket Report — Arrayent

Smart Home Weekly: A Week of Reckoning For Hardware Startups

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It's been a tough week in the connected home business, as evidence of a potential shakeout has started to rear its head.  Wink is potentially up for sale, while smart lighting/security company Leeo just had a big round of layoffs. If you don't already know (but I think you do by now), hardware is hard folks. It can eat the best entrepreneurs alive, and in new categories that require market education, it can be doubly treacherous.  I was talking Phil Dumas this week, CEO of Unikey, a company which, perhaps not coincidentally, purposefully avoided becoming a hardware company with its software licensing...

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Arrayent Appoints a New CEO

Mike Wolf Arrayent

Arrayent, a smart home and IoT platform company with clients such as Whirlpool, has announced a new CEO.  The timing was a bit strange, at least for me, since I had just talked to Dyer last week on the Smart Home Show and there was no mention of him stepping down as CEO.  Not that they need to tell me anything, but it's weird that Dyer's been out talking to myself and Farstuff folks right before this dropped.  I did reach out to Shane and their PR company and this is what they told me:  "Shane has remained with the company and is still...

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Podcast: Remaking The Home Appliance Industry With IoT

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This week's podcast features a conversation with Arrayent CEO Shane Dyer where we talk about their work with home appliance makers like Whirlpool.  We also catch up on last week's WWDC/HomeKit news, look at Nest's new camera, and talk about the impact of the new June Intelligent Oven.    Listen to above, download the podcast or subscribe in iTunes. Subscribe to the Smart Home Weekly newsletter to get it in your inbox.  Check out the Smart Kitchen Summit, NextMarket's first event and one and only event about the future of the connected kitchen.  

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