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The NextMarket Report — Apple Watch

Smart Home Weekly: Google & Smart Kitchen, Twitter & Smart Home, Apple Watch Invasion

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This is the Smart Home Weekly, Cinco De Mayo edition.  As always, if you haven't subscribed to get this every week in your inbox, do so here.  The last week or two has been fairly slow for smart home news, unless of course we're talking about the Apple Watch. With the release of Apple's wearable last month, developers for every major smart home device are busy creating an app for a device that could singlehandedly make wearables mainstream. A handful were ready at launch, and this past week SmartThings, a Samsung company, jumped into the fray.  Outside of Apple Watch, the...

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SmartThings Releases Apple Watch App

Mike Wolf Android Apple Watch Samsung Smart Home SmartThings

Just after the Apple Watch debuted, I wrote about the small handful of smart home products that had already released an app for Apple's new wearable. It was a fairly modest list but one we knew would grow quickly, and this week SmartThings added its name to the list. The SmartThings Apple Watch app was released with in conjunction the SmartThings iOS 1.7.3 update. The Apple Watch app installs by  Watching the video (embedded below), it looks like a solid first attempt. Preconfigured "Hello Home" actions for the SmartThings app can be made visible by simply choosing the ones you...

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Apple Watch: Here Come The Smart Home Apps

Mike Wolf Apple Watch Hue Lutron Smart Home Wearables

The idea of a smartwatch apps for the smart home has always made perfect sense to me, so much so I created a CES panel on the topic for CES 2014. While there wasn't much to talk about a year and a half ago, since then numerous integrations for the likes of Pebble and Android Wear have made their way into their respective app stores. But that was just the beginning; with the launch of the Apple Watch, we can expect the trickle of smart watch apps for the smart home to become a flood.  Already there are quite a...

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