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The NextMarket Report — Apple TV

Siri vs. Alexa: Taking Measure Of Apple And Amazon's Living Room Smart Home Strategies

Mike Wolf Alexa Amazon Apple Apple TV Fire TV Siri

  One of the more interesting battles in the smart home is how companies plan to leverage their position in the living room as part of their broader smart home vision. Apple and Amazon both clearly see their footholds here as important ones, with each company, to varying degrees, starting to lay out arguments (from a technology, if not positioning, perspective) for why their TV boxes could conceivably make for very capable smart home hubs. For Apple's part, the new Apple TV has largely been positioned as a TV-first proposition, at least to this point. Perhaps they learned a lesson from Microsoft's...

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Some Thoughts On The New Apple TV

Mike Wolf Apple TV HomeKit tvOS

While hardcore smart home enthusiasts may be disappointed with today's lack of HomeKit news at Apple's fall product unveil event, those who have been awaiting a new Apple TV finally got the box they've been waiting for.  And by that, I mean we all got the Apple TV we've all envisioned for some time: A Siri-enabled remote with touch pad and motion sensing, a box running on top of a fork of iOS for TV called tvOS, an app store, and a native SDK for app developers that's already available in beta - it's what many of us envisioned for Apple TV...

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The HomeKit Era Officially Started This Week: First Products, Apple Support Guide, Forecast

Mike Wolf Apple TV HomeKit Insteon Lutron

While we've all be waiting for WWDC next week to see a formal "launch" of the HomeKit era, in reality it started this week. That's because the first products with HomeKit were formally announced as being available, at least as far as Apple is officially concerned.  Most look like they're shipping in July, with the exception of Lutron and HomeKit. The products are from five manufacturers, including: Ecobee: The Ecobee3 thermostat was the first thermostat with HomeKit, beating Honeywell and the Lyric, which is also expected to HomeKit-ize the Lyric. The Ecobee3 with HomeKit is essentially a new product, since existing...

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Smart Home Weekly: Google's Bear, TVKit, IPO, China & Smart Kitchen

Mike Wolf Apple Apple TV Google Lowe's Smart Home Weekly Smart Locks TVKit Yale

These past few weeks have been interesting on a number of fronts, and I don't expect things to slow down anytime soon. A recap: Lots of Google. I/O is tomorrow, and already we've got news of Google's apparent launch of a IoT-centric OS that has looks like transform the home router business, and what appears to be the company's exploration of new and creative approaches to next-gen smart home interfaces. Not to be out-rumored, Apple apparently has a new Apple TV SDK coming out at WWDC, and there's some potential significant implications for the smart home.  Then there's the IPO filing....

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Smart Home Weekly: Google's Smart Home Vision, New Apple TV, Slow Motion Security Revolution

Mike Wolf Apple Apple TV Conscious Home GE Google HomeKit Nest Patent security SXSW Z-Wave

This past week I was in Austin moderating a smart home panel for SXSW. I also hosted a party and had a great time meeting readers of the Smart Home Weekly and listeners of the Smart Home Show. It was a pretty awesome experience The panel itself was on the topic on the smart conscious home, and while overall it was a good conversation, I wish I'd had a chance to dig into Google's new patent filing around a "security scoring system" before the panel. This is because while the security aspects of the patent are intriguing, the sheer amount...

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