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The NextMarket Report — Android

Android TV Head: We Like Service Provider Managed Smart Homes!

Mike Wolf Android Brillo Google Weave

Saw a piece this morning quoting the head of Android TV saying he thought TV providers were best positioned to deliver smart home to consumers.  Per the piece: Pruter said the pay TV operators were best placed to expand their services beyond TV to “taking control of the house” because they have the customer relationship and can provide customers with a single number to call. “I think branding of pay TV operators will go towards a household brand rather than just a video brand,” he said. This is interesting for a few reasons.  First, this is yet another view on...

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Google Brillo and Weave: An Explainer and Analysis

Mike Wolf Android Brillo Google HomeKit Weave

The good news: The rumors about Google creating a new IoT/smart home-centric OS are true. The better news: Project Brillo is more than just Brillo the OS, but also Weave, a 'communication layer' for IoT. The bad news: details are still sparse on both. But don't worry, we'll parse through what we have. First we'll try to explain each and then analyze the implications. Brillo The OS Brillo is an stripped down version of Android. It takes the kernel and hardware abstraction component, but reduces the total hardware requirements so that the OS can run on low-power, low-memory devices. How low memory?...

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SmartThings Releases Apple Watch App

Mike Wolf Android Apple Watch Samsung Smart Home SmartThings

Just after the Apple Watch debuted, I wrote about the small handful of smart home products that had already released an app for Apple's new wearable. It was a fairly modest list but one we knew would grow quickly, and this week SmartThings added its name to the list. The SmartThings Apple Watch app was released with in conjunction the SmartThings iOS 1.7.3 update. The Apple Watch app installs by  Watching the video (embedded below), it looks like a solid first attempt. Preconfigured "Hello Home" actions for the SmartThings app can be made visible by simply choosing the ones you...

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