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The NextMarket Report — Alexa

Podcast: Hey Alexa, Cook Me a Meal

Mike Wolf Alexa Podcast smart kitchen

  If you haven't checked out our podcast on the connected kitchen and future of cooking, this is a fun episode to check out. Mike and Ashley talk about the latest news in the smart kitchen space, including: The stories we tackle: Crowdfunding by big companies like GE and WhirlpoolGoogle Home, Echo and the smart kitchen Innit's world premiere launch in June Guided cooking systems Pantelligent and WemoJoanna Stern's pieceSmart Bottle Opener You can download the episode by clicking here or subscribe in iTunes here.  Get more Smart Kitchen Shows at

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NextMarket Report: Apple's Echo, Platform Fatigue, Eero and Pebble Core

Mike Wolf Alexa Amazon Apple Echo Eero Pebble

There's been lots of interesting smart home news this week, including a report of a new Echo-like device from Apple, a new smart water joint venture from Belkin and, perhaps most surprisingly, a new crowdfunding campaign for a do-anything button from wearable pioneer Pebble.    On the rumor front, The Information had a report about Apple creating a device to put, as my friends at HomeTech.FM would say, "Siri in a Can". If the report is true, I'm glad that Apple finally appears to be doing something new in the connected home, but also have to wonder if the company's falling behind in key areas...

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The Apple Echo? Apple Trying To Find Its Footing In a Post-Mobile World

Mike Wolf Alexa Amazon Apple Echo Google Home Siri

This week the Information published a report indicating Apple may be working on a competitor to Amazon's Echo.   Seeing the news yesterday morning, I tweeted my thoughts about Apple becoming something of a fast-follower in a post-mobile world, to which IHS analyst Lee Ratliff asked: @michaelwolf Post-mobile era or post-Jobs era? — Lee Ratliff (@LeeRatliff) May 25, 2016 It's a fair question, and since a tweet's 140 characters leave little room for context, let me use the more expansive format of a blog to explain what I mean: While the world of computing is decidedly mobile today, the epicenter of...

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For Smart Home Startups, It's No Longer About Platforms, But Simplicity

Mike Wolf Alexa Amazon Echo Google Home Skybell

Back in 2014, everyone in the smart home space wanted to be the platform. Companies from Lowes to Staples to SmartThings to Wink aimed to create the do-it-all smart home system that consumers would buy to control everything from lights to locks and just about anything else.But a funny thing happened on the way to mass market adoption: Consumers don't actually go looking to buy platforms. What do they buy instead? Products that they can understand and solve a clear need.The Holy GrailTake the video doorbell. Back in 2014, it was a product category that many in the industry smirked...

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An Analysis of Google Home, Google's Answer To Amazon Echo

Mike Wolf Alexa Echo Google Home Home

Yesterday I speculated about when we might see Google's answer to Echo. Turns out we didn't have to wait long. That's because today they announced Google Home. Like Echo, Home is the physical host for a virtual assistant, only instead of Alexa, Google's assistant is called (you guessed it) Google Assistant. Below is a first run at analyzing the various aspects of the Google Home news and a few closing thoughts: Physical look and feel As we've seen with the OnHub, Google has lately been moving towards non-conventional looks for their home hardware products and Google Home is no exception. Product Hunt founder Ryan Hoover...

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