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The NextMarket Report — AI

Here Are The Stories That Defined The Smart Home In 2015

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With 2015 breathing its final breath, I thought I'd take a look back at the defining stories and trends for this past year in smart home with a few hints of what this portends for the coming year.   A Shakeout For DIY "Platforms" With consumers still not entirely convinced they want to buy a DIY smart home kit and install it, DIY smart home platforms struggled to get beyond the early adopter crowd.  The end result were some high profile struggles for companies such as Wink. While some researchers painted with too broad a brush and said this lack of interest...

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Could Apple's Imaging AI Acquisition Be Headed For The Smart Home?

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It's no secret over the past few years that big tech has been stocking up their AI war chests. With the rapid advancement of personal assistant technology such as Siri, Alexa and Google Now, it's been clear a space race is going on in artificial intelligence and companies are trying to scoop up the leading minds in the space. In the home, much of the focus with AI has been around voice assistance technology, but a newer and perhaps more interesting front is beginning to open in terms of imaging AI. I wrote for Forbes about how companies like Google and June are...

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Amazon Loves Alexa, Sets Her Free

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They say if you love someone, set them free. And apparently, Amazon really loves Alexa, since yesterday it announced that its voice-powered virtual assistant technology will be unbundled from the Echo. And if this wasn't enough love to shower on the Siri-competitor, Amazon also announced they were sending her off into the world with $100 million dollars of spending money in her pocket.  Both of these are important and interesting, so let's look at each: Alexa Unbundled Alexa is an interesting technology, combining powerful cloud-powered AI and voice recognition with Amazon powered services like Prime. Yesterday they announced they would separate the technology from Echo...

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