NextMarket Report: Smart Home Survey, Bluetooth 5, Amazon Go, Reinventing Home Cooling

We're nearing the end of the year, and that means retrospectives and look forwards.

I usually wait to write my connected home outlook for the coming year until after CES since the event is so important in both showcasing company roadmaps as well as getting a broader temperature on where we are as an industry. That said, I am working on some year-end recaps, and for that, I am tapping into the collective knowledge of my readership by conducting a survey on smart home trends. If you have 5 minutes, take the survey, it will be worth your time: The results will go to those who fill out the survey first.

This past week saw the release of Bluetooth 5, an important milestone for the wireless technology and a potential step forward for the smart home industry. As I write here, here is no doubt some significant advances built into BT5, but it will also take a few years before we can see those unleashed in the smart home.  The Bluetooth mesh spec isn't part of BT5, but the Bluetooth SIG has told me that will be available in the first half of 2017.

Once again Amazon surprised all of us with the announcement of Amazon Go last week, a complete rethink of the grocery store concept. I write over at The Spoon about how the combo of Go and Dash makes for a compelling strategy for Amazon as they look to bolster top line revenue over time by going after grocery store spend.  

Speaking of disruptive, I spent some time this week talking to the CEO of Phononic, a company who thinks they've cracked the code of solid state cooling. Much in way solid state has completely reinvented light bulbs with LED lighting, Phononic hopes to bring solid state cooling to the refrigeration and comfort markets with solid state refrigeration and cooling. You can hear my conversation on what Phononic is doing here.

I also chatted with Mike Farley, the CEO of Tile, the leading maker of Bluetooth trackers. I misplace stuff all the time, so I am a believer in the tracker concept. I talk to Mike about the company's origin story, the current product and how far we can take tracking our things. 

Here are the stories:

Bluetooth 5 Released, Mesh Expected 1H 2017

Bluetooth 5 was released last week. The latest version of Bluetooth, which was first announced in June, has some significant advances over Bluetooth 4.x. Read More

Dash & Go: Amazon’s Strategy To Attack The Grocery Market

I can’t stop thinking about Amazon Go.

If you missed it this past week, Amazon blew our collective minds with the unveiling of their rethink of the grocery store. I wrote, “if you’re a grocery store and aren’t worried about what Amazon is doing, you should be. With Just Walk Out, they are looking to utilize IoT, AI and mobile to extend their dominance from the online and in-home commerce world to the corner grocery store.” Read More

Reinventing Refrigeration With Phononic’s Tony Atti

Over the past ten years, the world of lighting has witnessed a massive transformation. Old incandescent bulbs have given way to modern technology in the form of solid state, more commonly as LED lighting. Now, some in the world of refrigeration are hoping for a similar reinvention by replacing traditional vapor compression cooling systems by embracing a centuries old physics concept called the Peltier Effect.

Podcast: Tracking Our Stuff With Tile's Mike Farley

I lose stuff. Wallets, keys. The occasional child. I usually find them, but those lost 15 minutes drive me crazy. Which is why I'm a big fan of trackers. Tile is one of the leading companies in the Bluetooth tracker market and in this podcast I talk with Tile CEO Mike Farley about his company's origin story, the company's product line up and how far we can go in tracking our stuff.   

The Spoon Smart Kitchen Gift Guide

It’s time for The Spoon’s first annual holiday gift guide! Since Black Friday and Cyber Monday madness have passed and it’s really the first year we’ve seen many anticipated smart kitchen devices hit the market, it seemed like the perfect time to roll out our guide. Picking this year’s selections was not easy – the food tech and smart kitchen spaces are packed with great stuff. But we wanted to limit the guide to stuff you could actually purchase (not pre-order or back on Kickstarter, with a few exceptions) and hand to your loved one around or shortly after the holidays.

That's it for now. I'll be at CES in early January. If you are a smart home or smart kitchen company, DM me on Twitter to set up a briefing

And remember: take my smart home insider survey to get the results first!


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