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Apple Doesn't Mention HomeKit At Event, Creates New HomeKit Page Anyway

Mike Wolf HomeKit

This was a weird day for HomeKit. Apple had its major fall unveil of new products, including a new Apple TV, a jumbo iPad and some pretty nifty new iPhone features, and yet they don't mention HomeKit once. 

That's right, not once.

But at the same time, it looks like Apple's created a new HomeKit page at (h/t to TechPaul64 on Twitter). While this new page isn't really very substantial in terms of new products to buy - they link to a "home automation" section at where some (but not all) products are HomeKit compatible - what does make it significant in that it's a much upgraded-consumer-facing HomeKit page, possibly an indication that Apple is beginning to finally ramp up its HomeKit marketing. 

It's a bit confusing that Apple suggests to "shop the site for Homekit-enabled products" and links to a home automation category page, where it's hit or miss in terms of products. Presumably there are only five companies who provide HomeKit products at this point, as it's been three whole months since Apple's updated the "HomeKit-compatible" page on Apple's support page. This is beginning to seem like a long time but maybe, just maybe, the new HomeKit page is an indication that new products are on their way.

I'll have more thoughts on Apple's news today and what it means for smart home later today.

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  • Andrew on

    If Apple follows what they’ve been doing since the original iPod, They’ll wait until the market is fairly mature and then try to “do it right”, the Apple way where everything just works.

    Apple is not a first mover, (iPad could be debated). They wait until a category has found validation and is on the way to mainstream adoption and then they swoop in and do it right and RULE the category.

    I think they’re keeping a close eye on the smart home but nowhere near a solution that could remotely (in any sense) RULE.

  • Hank Li on

    My opinion is that Apple’s smart home strategy has changed. HomeKit is not on its radar anymore.

    Most Smart home devices require deep domain knowledge, which is no way to build into the home kit.

    One example is the smart sprinkler system, which require deep domain knowledge about soil, nutrition, grass type, weather, region etc. There is no way to build such information into the HomeKit.

    HomeKit is very good for on/off events only, such as smart lock, smart switch, smart light etc.

    Hank from

  • TechPaul64 on

    @Richard Gunther – The WeMo app screenshot has now been pulled and replaced with an screenshot from the app store listing of Eve. Definitely looks like quick placeholders which seems uncharacteristic for

  • Richard Gunther on

    I’m betting they’ll wait until after iOS 9 is out before manufacturers announce the next wave of products. This new HomeKit page is a good start, though, and it’s probably a placeholder that will ultimately link out to various new products.

    Note that the page suggests an updated Lutron app (not surprising since shade support will finally come with iOS 9), the anticipated iDevices app (presumably built upon their HomeKit development framework), and the WEMO app. That one is particularly interesting, since those products are IP-based. Does this mean Belkin was using the right silicon all along, or are we going to see a whole new generation of WEMO products? I hope it’s not the latter, because that will just add to the production version confusion HomeKit already faces.

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